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@priyanshu said in Priyanshu's suggestion Related to factions:

Priyanshu_Aggarwal Has Singed-in as Chief Of Police

Thanks for suggesting, we have implemented your suggestion in our server. You can check it out and share your feedback.

Regards - IORP Team

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LANGUAGE_ENGLISH_Message: {4286f4}[Alexa]:{FFFFEE}This account already exists, login to proceed…

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Hi guys, please help us to make the server to support multiple language. We already have script designed to support it. But I just know only English and Hindi. I could really use translator but then I don’t even understand that is that phrases are right or not. so I came to ask you to contribute in this mission and let me complete it with your support. Thank you.

I will post list of phrases and anyone who want to help with there native can reply to this thread with translated phrases.

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I would really like to see you there asap. 💓

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good idea, I will do it

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as you can see this portal is live at

please use this post to write down you suggestions and idea’s to improve it.

Regards - Harry_James

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I have developed the death system for IORP server, you may seen it while you die.

I am writing about it here to get your feedback’s to improve it.

So in this system, when you die, you will fall on ground then you just have two choice to make, one is to wait for medic to heal you or you will automatically die in one minute. In case you want to save some time you can also use /acceptdeath to die immediately.

please share your thoughts that how can we improve this system.

Thanks - Harry_James

Status: In Development

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Yes and also as per your suggestion we could make something like WHO (World Health Organization) faction or something like that.

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none, but this suggestion is for to make a medical shop and some treatments at hospital only. To make the server more real.

Injuries such: falling from bike, Falling from building etc.

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Limit Player health for medical injuries so that trade of medical supply can increase.