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Describe your problem in details.

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reopen your suggestion with complete details of it. there is a difference between suggestion and request. apparently we are not taking any requests right now.

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List the news department features and activities.

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you can change your name yourself

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we will remove the player name from the robbery announcements, so others won’t find out who robbed until they check wanted database.

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that’s we have already, it’s upto player and police to do that and that’s the rp. using server features is not necessary.

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In samp, it does not matter what server shows us. It’s just you, who can create a good rp. In your case, if someone calling you by name then he just not doing a good rp that’s all. you should just ask the other player in ooc that he is doing wrong. if he did not understand then he is not good at rp.

This is already bounded by roleplay rules. where roleplay rules state that You can not use ooc informations in roleplay.

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Faction Leader Application

Name of faction (which you want to become leader)?____

what’s your username? ____

what’s your username?____

what’s your discord username?___

what’s your real life age? ____

what’s your score in server? ___

what’s your roleplay score in server? ___

Can you pass the roleplay test?___

how long you have been playing samp as roleplay?___

when did you registered at

are you aware about iorp structure of gameplay? ____

do you have experience in our law factions? ____

do you have experience in our mafia factions? ___

are you aware about our economical structure? ____

do you have full knowledge of ____

describe yourself? (MUST 80 words minimum)____

tell us how you can help iorp as faction leader?(MUST have 100 words minimum) ____