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there is no rishi vashist in your screenshot. also you should use /alexa yes or /alexa ban.

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Before guns, were free for factions. Normal players purchase them from shops. in this update, many things changed. Read below changes.


  1. Faction free weapons and armor is removed.
  2. Players required weapon license to purchase weapons from shops.
  3. Law enforcement can get all the weapons from suspect and seize them. For now, they keep weapons for themselves.
  4. Graduation degree for weapon specialist required to work on weapon factory.
  5. Using weapons without license is against the law.

Thank you

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personal radio is available on electronic shop, you can purchase it. it is used to connect a frequency range from 0 to 99.

How does it work?

  1. you will select a frequency from 0-99.
  2. some other player also select the same frequency as you have choosen.
  3. all the players on same frequency can chat with each other.

How does discord base voice chat help?

normally your discord voice chat channel moved while you move in game. that happens because you change your zone frequently and it become little frustrating when you just want to talk to your friends. so, while you are using radio. your voice channel will be moved to selected frequency. so that all the players on same frequency will be connected together and your voice channel will stays into same frequency until you disconnect yourself from radio.

Things to know

  1. anyone can connect any frequency. you have to find free frequency yourself.
  2. you will recieve message that how many players in frequency when you connect it.
  3. all the players get message when someone join there frequency.
  4. as this radio is electronic item. it will expire after 30 days. so you have to purchase it again.


/alexa select frequency 0-99 [to connect any frequency channel to talk]
/alexa select frequency -1 [to disconnect yourself from radio]

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yeah that’s why this suggestion is selected. so that people could use it for personal chat. and also discord base voice chat will not move your voice channels while you move ig.

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we can update discord base voice chat. it will also bring all the same radio users into same voice channel.

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factions already have group chat. and all law agencies has radio.

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okay, will do it. purchase this from electronic shop and use it.

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could use frequency range from 0 to 99

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it could also work like, select frequency and chat. same frequency players will read each others chat.

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action: take your money back from SAGD