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you have received $10,000 in game money as reward for reporting this issue with server. please collect it from in game administrator when you see him.

Thanks for your support - Wish you a good play 🙂

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Their will be actors in territory
If a actor is die inside the territory or killed by a faction player of mafia
it will start the attack of capturing territory.
if all the actor is died then the zone will be captured.
if the killers were killed by law or owner of territory will cancel the capturing.

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Upgrade actor system to perform realistic actions like if it actor has fist then he will fight with the shooter.

If the actor has gun, he will fire on the shooter.

if the actor is dead, medic will come to rescue him.

if the actor is kidnapped. The law will rescue him.

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All the mafia faction can capture territory apart from the hq locations.

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A new player will be introduced to server well using real guide system, after that he will see, what are the things he can do in Achievements system and he will receive rewards on each achievement. A achievement system will be dynamic with dynamic reward.

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Reason: not enough activity to join

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You too pavan, Happy Diwali to you

  • I am a bit late xd
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Cases could be handled in court

File Case again any law or civilian person with custom description
Criminal Case by Law officer
Property/Business Related cases
Car ownership related cases

all the above cases should be filed first to resolved