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  • RE: Application Requirement: for various applications

    Gang Creation

    • Leader must have at least 50hrs of gameplay in IORP (Considering that leader knows all the roleplay rules.).

    • Leader must not have faced any admin punishment for violation of rules.

    • Leader must have an active and valid weapon license.

    • Leader have to write the application for his gang creation by his own.

    • You can not chose skins and color that already exist in another gang/faction.

    • At least 4 active members are required to apply for application (other than leader.)

    • You can not have sports vehicles like infernus, cheetah, nrg etc as gang vehicle. As well as the flybies when you’re applying for a new gang.

    • Gang Logo must be gang’s their own artwork.

    • Gang name and members name must not be an offensive one.

    • Gang members shouldn’t be toxic towards the server & community members (including leader).

    • Gang leader, co-leaders, members must not include in violation of rules, using hacks, breaking rules. after the creation of the gang.

    • You may not perform roleplay based on your gang when your gang application is in verification process.

    Available gang vehicles:-

    Sultan (Max:- 1)

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  • RE: Application Formats: for various applications


    • Gang Name and Logo:- _____

    • Gang Leader:- _____

    • Gang Members:- _____

    • Gang Color:- (HEX Code) _____

    • Gang ranks:- (10 ranks) _____

    • Gang Vehicles:- (Max:- 5) _____

    • Gang Skins:- (Max:- 5) _____

    • Location Of Gang HQ:- _____

    • Gang Background Story:- (At least 200 words) _____

    • Screenshots of how gang members perform a roleplay:- _____

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  • RE: Name Change (Naveen Varma To Mathi_Maaran)


    • You can’t change your name now.
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    • Sorry for late reply, but it was matter of time that you got banned probably bcoz some trollers were making fake accounts so Admin Taylor_Swift might have misunderstood you as troller.

    • However, you’re unbanned now.

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  • RE: How to attack zone and capture it? [for mafia only]

    |- Zone war rules -|

    • Once you’re killed/dead during the gangzone war, it means you are DEAD, you can not come back to attack after this.

    • You’re not supposed to kill anyone when they enter into your captured zone unless their intention is to attack the zone. MUST NOTE that you must let them know 1 minute before you’re going to open fire against them!

    • %(#FFFF00)[Usage of RPGs/Rockets/Heat-Seaker And throwables(Granades/Molotovs etc). Is not allowed in zone wars]

    • You must use zone generated money for your gang’s wealth. not for your own use!

    • All the RolePlay rules are meant to be followed during the zone wars

    • %(#FFFF00)[Killing or firing at Medical Staff is strictly prohibited in gang-zone wars!]

    • You can not ally with any other gang in order to capture any certain zone.

    |- Punishments for not following the rules -|

    • 1st time:- Fine of 10k, 5mins of admin jail, Restriction on using weapons for 24hrs.

    • 2nd time:- Ban of 24hrs, Removal from faction, fine of 20k.

    • 3rd time:- Ban for 1week, Restriction for joining any faction for 15days after the ban is over, fine of 30k.

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  • RE: Report on BLACK MAFIA


    • Since its violation of basic rules and reported players were already warned twice or thrice, we’re applying these restrictions to BLACK MAFIA and reported players.

    • Black Mafia is restricted to carry weapons and to participate in any kind of zone/gang wars for 3 days!

    • No new recruitments into Black Mafia for 3 days.

    • BM should not participate into any kind of arguments.

    • All the Black Mafia members(including leader) are invited to learn rp directly from IORP Management team.

    • No provoking comments should be passed from Black Mafia members to anyone. be it via images, discord DM or /gc.

    • Consider this as last warning, if the rp rules violating continues from any of the BM member. immediate strict action will be taken. so its adviced to listen to IORP Staff.

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  • RE: Report on ismile

    Report deiscarded

    • Hey there, we strongly agree that this is revenge rp, but a lot of players didn’t got the concept of zone wars (except you!), hance they does these kind of mistake in zone wars like Revenge RP, DeathMatch etc.

    • We know this is IORP’s fault that we didn’t improved or provided rules for zone wars etc. but will fix our problem by releasing rules for various things in a couple of the days. so that everyone can have a safe gameplay 😄

    • We’re sorry to discard this report. but if the same happens again once the rules are released, then ofc you can expect an action on such stuffs.

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  • RE: Ananya_Panday SAPD application


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  • RE: Application To Rejoin SAPD


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  • RE: Application For Rejoin SAPD


    • Please read and learn Roleplay Guide to avoid future consequences and to experience more fun in RolePlaying. 😄
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