Just wanted to share a fact like always, (new readers: I do this often, you can always share your own facts or request for discussion for any matter):

What happend?

Today, I went to a local airtel store for sim replacement. They said to me, that it will cost 100inr. I said, a sim should not worth that much, I then requested for lower price. They refused, so with their permission, I called customer support and requested information, customer support told me that, their official charges are 25inr (which I already knew, just did not pretended that I knew). Then I asked again, but still they refused. Same, I told to customer service. The operator told me to collect name and mobile number for report and call back them if my issue is not resolved. Btw they refused to talk to operator as well. Then I asked again, and still refused. In this btw, I told them. I am ready to pay 100inr, just give me the invoice. They refused. I said, I am ready to pay 200inr but give me invoice. They refused. At the end, they told me to get out and you are not welcomed here again. I was expecting that to happen. So I step out. After returning home I filed the complain against the store.

Why you should care?
Why, I am sharing this?. Because everyone, even everyone, our father/mother, our relatives. Everyone are corrupt people. And if you think they are good and kind. Ofc they are, but still they live with corruption. Because everyone who support corruption is also a corrupt person, This fact does not related to india only. It’s a fact that drive human nature, so everyone is corrupt. So, why this matter.

Because we know, in 2022, almost 70% population is educated, no one here and even you are educated but still some of you still support corruption because it little right?. But here is why, it’s not. Even when I back home, mom scolded on me and said to me that, you should have just given them 100inr, and special said no for complain, but I did anyway.
Why every educated people is corrupt, and you are one of them or gonna be
so here is why, if everyone, special those who are educated, never ever bought something without a proper invoice, this would not have happened. Because almost 5lakh population in my area, where we can guess almost 3lakh are educated, support this little corruption. That’s why it become so power full corruption. If no one, no one purchased sim card without invoice. This will not ever happened. Also, if everyone did not accepted this corruption, the shop would have been closed by now. But it’s running since years.

the system is not become a corrupt system without support. People are corrupted, In childhood, I was educated to be a good person. But when I become 18+. Everyone, everyone in my life even my own parents, started to give me advises that support corruption. Luckily I had good education, so I said myself that, if I accept these corruption, then why I did all the education, and what’s the point of learning right and wrong in this world, if I do not follow the right path. So, I am fighting with my own family and rest of the world, since than, this is only one of my experience from many which I had. I will have more in future.

What is the lesson here?
the lesson is, if no one supported the corruption, we all get good service with good price. And our people and city will be cleaned, No one will harm anyone, and there will be no hunger in this world. so just do one thing, stop being selfish. And don’t just learn, execute, what you have learned. say no to corruption and do not support it even it’s small

Because learn from this example, every person from india just donate 1inr, the whole poverty will be vanished from the face of india. And same goes for rest of the world.
What happen when there is no corruption?. World will be kind
I went to a airtel store in delhi few years back, I was treated with respect and they offer me water and told me to get a seat until my request is fulfilled, They charged me 5inr for sim replacement and given me invoice of that. People were nice there. And I am thankul for that kindness, I get in this world. And same, I am giving to others since then.
btw, english is funny language, so put it aside while reading 😅