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Server Information

Name: Indian Ocean Roleplay | India
IP: | 7778
Mode: Freeroam/Roleplay
Language: English

Discord Invitation or DiscordME Page click here to get in Discord community of Indian Ocean Roleplay.

Twitter click here to check Indian Ocean Roleplay tweet.

YouTube Channel click here to watch latest video’s about Indian Ocean Roleplay.

Thank you for showing interest in Indian Ocean Roleplay.

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Thank you Sarah for your valuable suggestion, we have only one slot available for faction. because of that we can not added both factions, We were looking for a new mafia or family faction, so that we may added Tattaglia Family or Barazini Family soon. you will get Indian Ocean Roleplay announcement on that if is eligible for new faction.

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Today Harry Potter, did a friendship Role Play in our server, read it and learn to roleplay. Thanks

*[HP]HarryPotter driving to nearest patrol pump because he is running out of fuel
*[HP]HarryPotter thought: I better have to drive slow for long average
*[HP]HarryPotter says: wtf
*[HP]HarryPotter forget his wallet at home
*[HP]HarryPotter thought: I better call someone for help
*[HP]HarryPotter thought: but who
*[HP]HarryPotter remebered that MJ04 helped him last time,
*[HP]HarryPotter thought: lets call mj04 for help
*[HP]HarryPotter take out his phone, open contact details, find mj04 contact, and hit call button
*MJ04: hello Harry, how are you? ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Harry: I am not good man, I need you help ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: why, what happened ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Harry: I forget my waller so I am out of money ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: so where are you? ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Harry: I am at patrol pump ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: Don’t worry I know the owner of patrol pump, just pass the call to him ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Harry: sure ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Owner of Patrol Pump: Hello ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: Harry is my friend and he forget his wallet, so refuel his car and take money from my account ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Owner of Patrol Pump: no problem MJ04, he will return it later ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: ok thanks man ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Owner of Patrol Pump: any time bro, bye ([HP]HarryPotter)
*[HP]HarryPotter took his phone and put in his pocket
*owner of patrol pump ordered his worker to refuel Harry’s car and don’t ask for money ([HP]HarryPotter)
*[HP]HarryPotter thanks to the owner and take his car to back to home

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Today Harry Potter, did a friendship Role Play in Indian Ocean Roleplay server, read it. Thanks

*[HP]HarryPotter rolling around in ambulance.
*[HP]HarryPotter wait for refuel in fuel station of montgomery
*[HP]HarryPotter found that he did not bring money from hospital hq to refuel and he does not have enough money to buy fuel
*[HP]HarryPotter says: wtf
*[HP]HarryPotter calling his friend to make a quick transfer
*MJ04 receives call
*MJ04 says: heloo harry?
*[HP]HarryPotter starts talking
*[HP]HarryPotter says: hey bro wsup?
*MJ04 says: all good where you been these days
*[HP]HarryPotter says: I am good man, too much work but I need your help
*MJ04 says: yeah say what? all good man
*[HP]HarryPotter says: no man, I was traveling in ambulance, because I works in hospital since yesterday so right now
*MJ04 says: m hmm
*[HP]HarryPotter says: I forget to take some money from hospital and I do not have enough money to refuel ambulance
*MJ04 says: u haven’t changed a bit since we were together in college hahahah
*[HP]HarryPotter says: could you just make some transfer so that I can evade this situation
*[HP]HarryPotter says: yeah man, what I can say
*MJ04 says: yeah sure, how much do you need?
*MJ04 says: just give me treat whenever you are in town ha ha
*[HP]HarryPotter says: just make a transfer around 5k and I will return you when I get back to Los Santos because I am in a village right now
*[HP]HarryPotter says: just make a transfer around 5k and I will return you when I get back to Los Santos because I am in a village right now
*[HP]HarryPotter says: just make a transfer around 5k and
*[HP]HarryPotter says: I will return you when I get back to Los Santos because I am in a village right now
*[HP]HarryPotter says: also I forget to bring my atm card xd
*MJ04 says: i will transfer, just message me when u receive it dude
*MJ04 takes out his cellphone to prepare transfer funds to harry
*[HP]HarryPotter says: yeah sure transfer the money to fuel station account directly and I will take changes
*MJ04 thought: about college days
*MJ04 smile
*MJ04 disconnects the call
*MJ04 calls harry again
*[HP]HarryPotter receives call
*[HP]HarryPotter says: hello
*MJ04 says: man are we stupid hahaha, text me fuel station account info
*MJ04 where m i supposed to transfer
*[HP]HarryPotter says: yeah man sorry wait a sec, use IORP quick transfer and seach for Montgomery Fuel Stations
*[HP]HarryPotter says: it is in list of IORP list
*MJ04 says: see you soon man, give me a call when u r back
*MJ04 receives enough information from harry about account info
*MJ04 opens iorp transfer app
*tranfers 5000 to montgomery fuel station (MJ04)
*Montgomery_Fuel_Station: Receive 5k transfer from mj04 ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04 goes back to sleep
*Montgomery_Fuel_Station: cut the harry’s fuel price and returns changes to Harry ([HP]HarryPotter)
*[HP]HarryPotter text mj04: Thanks man I am coming to LS. will meet there
*[HP]HarryPotter starts engine
*[HP]HarryPotter driving ahead to los santos

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Hello guys, How are you doing?

Well the wait is now over, you are invited to play in our server Origin Of SA-MP Life, It will brings you a life to live. Fulfill your dreams in our server and became what you have dream about. A life is waiting for you to just get started…

To read more about server updates check it out here

How to became a beta tester? read here

Have a good life 🙂

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Indian Ocean Roleplay GTA SA Pack. click here to download

Installation Instruction for multi version SAMP 0.3.7-R2 and 0.3-DL

step 1. Download file names

  1. GTA San Andreas original game by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar
  2. sa-mp-0.3.7-R2 by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar
  3. sa-mp-0.3.DL-R1 by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar

step 2. Create a directory that looks like below.


step 3. Extract GTA SA Designed by Indian Ocean Roleplay Recommended Version.rar inside both folder. we need this step for multi version SAMP.


step 4. Installing multi version SAMP.

  1. Opensa-mp-0.3.7-R2 by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar.
  2. Install inside C:\IORP\GTA SA
  3. Replace sampgui.png inside C:\IORP\GTA SA
  4. Opensa-mp-0.3.DL-R1 by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar
  5. Install inside C:\IORP\GTA SA DL
  6. Replace sampgui.png inside C:\IORP\GTA SA DL

step 5. We are done with installation. step to switch between 0.3.7 and 0.3-DL

  1. Open samp.exe from any folder.
  2. Now select samp version you want to play. for example let’s connect to IORP 0.3.7-R2 server.
  3. Inside samp.exe, choose settings and select the path of GTA SA folder. which is C:\IORP\GTA SA.
  4. now hit the connect button to join 0.3.7-R2 server.
  5. Do the same steps to connect IORP 0.3-DL server. just remember the directory, which is C:\IORP\GTA SA DL.

step 6. After selecting samp version click on connect button to connect Indian Ocean Roleplay Server.

Thank you for playing with Indian Ocean Roleplay. Have a good day.

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Special vehicle for mechanic to take a vehicle to deliver fuel’s to players.
Part of next major vehicle system update.

Thanks to @abhishek for suggesting a brilliant idea.