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Hello there, looking forward to play in Indian Ocean Roleplay? We are glad that you choose us, you will surely find lot’s of fun around here.

Get Started

Get character account

Get forum account

Add SA-MP Server


that’s it, have fun. if you still have any more questions or need help, you can ask here or

Server Information

Name: Indian Ocean Roleplay | India
IP: | 7778
Mode: Freeroam/Roleplay
Language: English

Discord Invitation click here to get in Discord community of Indian Ocean Roleplay.

Twitter click here to check Indian Ocean Roleplay tweet.

YouTube Channel click here to watch latest video’s about Indian Ocean Roleplay.

Thank you for showing interest in Indian Ocean Roleplay.

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Indian Ocean Roleplay GTA SA Pack. click here to download

if you are not sure what to download then download this two files.

  1. Download San Andreas
  2. Download SA-MP

Installation Instruction

step 1. Download file names
  • GTA San Andreas original game by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar
  • sa-mp-0.3.7-R4 by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar
step 2. Create a directory that looks like below.
step 3. Extract GTA SA Designed by Indian Ocean Roleplay Recommended Version.rar inside both folder.
step 4. Installing r4 version of SAMP.
  • Open sa-mp-0.3.7-R4 by Indian Ocean and open exe file.
  • select folder C:\IORP\GTA SA
  • Replace sampgui.png inside C:\IORP\GTA SA
step 5. connect to IORP server

Thank you for playing with Indian Ocean Roleplay. Have a good day.

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San Andreas Police Department

September 14, 2018

3 citizens from Los Santos were arrested selling illegal drugs to immigrants, on confrontation they accepted being in this illegal business for past 1 year.

SAPD came to knowledge of such happening when sergeant O’connor caught 3 tourists driving oddly and were on drugs as it came out when they were tested.

Captain says SAPD will not tolerate such behavior and guilty will be tried

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Hey people,

no fancy words this time, we know most of the player are getting bored because of not much action in our server. We received lot’s of reviews and suggestions from our players. Considering them all and a lot discussion we came to conclusion that we need some actions for normal players and faction members. so in the end of talk we came with two solutions, one is Mafia Zone System yes, just like the name there will be zones which can only be captured by mafia and rules by them. You will have to fight for zones but why do you fight for it because zone’s generate revenue and if you or your team want money this will be good resource to get never stopping money and become most powerful mafia, so fight for it and rule it earn it. we will give a post forum about all the details.

okay so that’s for mafia right, what about normal players who want some actions, well we came up with idea CNR (cops and robber). some of you might already know about this mode, that just rob and fight cops and in the end get away with money. So we have implemented systems that allow anyone normal player to faction member to rob shops all around san andreas. Which is also called heist. This type of heist will have chase for cops. you can rob alone or with team that’s up-to you. but cops will chase you. If they arrest you then you will have to spent big time in jail but if you survive and getaway then you can keep the money and fun that you have earn it. we answer to all simple FAQ on forum post, but I know you have only one big question, how chase works. well cops will have location of your on there radar for few mins, if you survive in those mins then you will get of the grid so no one can find you.

with this two systems that are bringing lot of action to our server, I guess we might have resolved most common problem, but if some of you have more great idea then just suggest us. We do our best to bring it soon.

Release Date: next Sunday


Regards, Team IORP

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this post has list of all the commands for communications, this post is created for you to learn when to use which command.

List of Commands which work always.

  1. /s - use this command for ooc (out of character) talk.
  2. /pm - use this command to send ooc personal message.
  3. /helpme - use this command to ask help from helpers or management.

Non Roleplay Commands

this commands works, only when you have disabled /rpmode.

  1. /gc - use this command to chat in global chat with all the members.

Roleplay Commands

this commands works, only when you have disabled /rpmode.

  1. /say - use this command to chat with nearby players in /rpmode.
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IORP is heavy roleplay, by default all players are in character mode. no freeroam at all. sometime we refer out gamemode as Real Life Mode instead of roleplay.

Question: then what is /rpmode?

Answer: some of you may be wondering then, why a heavy roleplay server have such command like /rpmode. It will be easy to understand by what is allowed or not allowed in rpmode .

The reason, why we created this command is: to prevent deathmatch.

What’s allowed in roleplay mode (/rpmode)?

  1. you can use roleplay commands: /me /my /do /em /say /shout /w /t /fr /call
  2. global chat is disabled in /rpmode.
  3. players in /rpmode are not visible to you in your map, players who are visible is not using /rpmode.
  4. you will be banned from server for killing non rpmode players because of deathmatch.

What’s not allowed in roleplay mode (/rpmode)?

  1. all the access described above is not allowed, if you do not use /rpmode.
  2. weapon usage is not alllowed in /rpmode.
  3. you can not join events in /rpmode.
  4. you can not walk in to any faction zone area.

When /rpmode is automatically (forcely by server) applied on you?

  1. when you have wanted level.
  2. when you are doing heist.
  3. when you are signed as in faction.

How to check the next player is in /rpmode or not?

  1. server announce player name when, he/she enabled /rpmode.
  2. if you can see player icon in map, then he is definitely not in /rpmode.

Recommendation: always use /rpmode to avoid any confusion.

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Special vehicle for mechanic to take a vehicle to deliver fuel’s to players.
Part of next major vehicle system update.

Thanks to @abhishek for suggesting a brilliant idea.

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this report is confirmed and taken action


banned from all factions
can not join any faction till 1 may

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Description: Bank robbery is the most demanded feature, we have implemented a very well organized robbery system for iorp. you can rob multiple banks around map such as world bank.

In order to perform robbery, there should be this requirement fulfilled before:

  • On duty law: 5
  • Robbers: 5
  • Medic: 2
  • Civil: 2

Steps to perform robbery:

  • robbers should go inside bank and initiate robbery from /pocket

Guide for robbers:

  1. first work of robbers to secure hostages and keep them aiming with their mouse
  2. they need hostages to complete robbery otherwise it will fail.
  3. cops will be informed automatically, so robbers have to wait until they reach outside bank.
  4. once cops are outside, robbers can break in locker room and rob the bank.
  5. if cops succeed then robbery will fail. otherwise robbers will take all money in bags.
  6. robbers can leave hostages on there spot after getting money. their new task is to securely bring the robbers who have money bag to their HQ.
  7. if any of player’s who had money get killed then the robbery will fail.
  8. if robbers successfully went to there HQ with all money bags, then robbery will be completed.

Guide for cops:

  1. cops will be informed for robbery automatically.
  2. gather all law officers on duty and reach to bank asap.
  3. once cops are at bank, there job is to secure hostages without getting killed and take down all the robbers.
  4. if robbers succeed to loot bank then cops job is to take them down while they try to leave bank.
  5. even if the robbery is completed, cops has to arrest all the robbers and take the money back from them.

Guide for medic:

  1. heal the hostages or law officers is your first priority.
  2. once the police take down all the robbers, heal them with cops and help them to arrest them.


  1. any player’s who get killed on scene remain on his position and do not try anything. if somehow he get out of scene then he will be punished by admin with punishment such as permanent ban.
  2. if anyone break roleplay rule, will be banned permanently.
  3. if someone found using hacks will be banned permanently.
  4. everyone should be doing roleplay while doing there jobs.
  5. robbery can be performed only one time in one day.


  1. every play who has participated in robbery will get rewards from server owner for performing robbery.
  2. on successful robbery, robbers will get higher amount of reward.
  3. on failed robbery, law will get higher amount of reward.

Thank you - enjoy

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  • Name:

  • In-Game Name:

  • Discord ID (with #):

  • Hometown:

  • In Game Level:

  • Roleplay Score:

  • You was in any faction? if yes, faction name and reason to leave that:

  • Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?:

  • Why would you like to join the San Andreas Police Department? (50 Word Minimum):

  • What skills you can bring to SAPD?:

  • Biography (50 Word Minimum):

  • Screenshot of Your Weapon license, Weapon Specialist Degree, Player Stats:

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SAMP Server Rules

  1. Deathmatch reports are unacceptable at forum because if anyone killed you then immediately use /alexa yes to prevent deathmatch, you will also get revived for deathmatch with 50% life.
  2. any person who found guilty for breaking roleplay rules will be banned without warning from management.
  3. there is a permanent ban punishment, if any player does not use /rpmode when needed or misuse /rpmode.


IORP Team with ♥

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Player Account Rules

  1. We can disable your account if your character name is not a valid roleplay name.
  2. Once you join server, management will verify your details and contact you if they want you to update something.
  3. IORP contain paid content, This is your sole responsibility that you use strong password and not share with anyone.
  4. Every online payment made on is non refundable.
  5. Your account can be banned if your name at and does not match.
  6. Multiple account for same user does not allowed.
  7. Don’t use fake accounts to earn money because our p2p initiative keep the record of your incomes. so don’t do this foolish things to waste our time.
  8. if you found any player who is playing outside the rules, your priority to report him/her on forum immediately. In case of faction member, Mention faction leader on your post if you know him/her. you are not allowed to take any actions on your own.
  9. for government related issues such as corrupts cops, higher prices of resources. You have to report those activities to Justice Department immediately. you are not allowed to take any actions on your own.
  10. we can disable your account, if you found misusing roleplay commands. read roleplay rules for more informations.


IORP Team with ♥

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Discord Rules

  1. Sharing invite links without management permission will result in permanent ban, no unban request will be taken for that.
  2. Disrespecting any of management will result in permanent ban, no unban request will be taken for that.
  3. if you have complains regarding management at discord please report to community staff on
  4. if you ping someone too much. will result in permanent ban, no unban request will be taken for that.


IORP Team with ♥

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Faction Rules

  1. Faction leader can not resign or change his faction without permission of management.
  2. Faction members are not allowed to resign/leave faction for one week after joining.
  3. Faction Leader can kick you anytime if they found you doing misusing of faction powers.
  4. You can not argue leaders after they given their decision.
  5. You can not ask anyone to accept your application.
  6. If your faction application rejected, then you can not apply any faction for next 24 hours.
  7. It’s all faction members responsibility to keep the faction timeline updated, action will be taken if haven’t updated since last 48 hours.
  8. if any citizen has problem such as misuse of faction powers, please file a case with justice department. Management will not help in that case.
  9. if you are in any COP related faction you can not switch to mafia or Vice Versa.


IORP Team with ♥

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List of Roleplay Rules

To follow is the list of common role-play rules that every role-player should understand and follow.

Do Not God-mod

God modding is when a character features god-like abilities, such as invincibility, mind control, or other unrealistic powers that might not fit with lore. Another form is when your character does something impossible that could kill them.

Example: Eric would grab the sharp edge of the sword with his bare hand, not having his palm or fingers cut in half.
Another example: Luke would punch his opponent chest, despite it being covered with armor, it would break through and impale him despite not having any enhancement, or claw on him.

Do Not Meta game

Meta gaming is when a player applies out of charter retrieved information to their in-character, such as having information that only several in-characters players knows, and you obtained it without having your character there, or by just hearing it from others out of character.

Example: A player watches a role-play about a secret item, that only they would know. That said player would enter a role-play with them talking about the items, which he doesn’t know of.

Do Not Auto (Auto hit, Auto walk, etc)

Auto is when a player performs an action without giving the affected players a chance to respond to those around him. More advanced role-players will go into detail with their actions and emphasize their attempts.

Example: John grabs the target by the neck and kisses them.

Do Not Lore break

Lore breaking is when a character breaks lore, which is anything that likely affects a character or scenario. The basis for these commonalities is origin, culture, and known historical events. Lorebending, a similar term, is when existing lore is lightly modified (Hence the term lore bending), but not significantly or in a way that detracts from the role-playing experience. Often this has to do with ideas that are neither supported nor contradicted by existing lore.

Example: Broaven the Rellekan sailor is an established water mage and heads into the settlement to meet up with his other shipmates and use his magic to help them on their next trip.

Do Not Power-play

Power-playing occurs when a player operates someone’s character without the other player’s consent. The most blatant example of this would be a player writing, “Your character falls off the cliff when he walks up to it.” As you can see, you take active control of what the other character does. Not only is this not fair to the other player, but it’s also discouraged because often players will misconstrue the behaviors and personalities of characters they didn’t design. Power playing goes into more subtle situations, however.

Saying, “Sally charges towards Jack so fast that he wouldn’t be able to react enough to avoid it,” can also be considered a violation of this rule since Sally’s player has controlled Jack’s abilities, possibly in a way that doesn’t accurately represent his character.

Do Not Play Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus

A Mary-Sue is a specific kind of character that has a lot of feats, and no flaws. A Mary-Sue is any character (of any gender, age, race, or species) who fits one or more of these descriptions:

A character who’s too perfect, lacking realistic or logical flaws, or whose flaws do not affect them in any ways.
A character who’s exactly like their creator, except idealized or made “better”.
A character who’s far too powerful, especially whose abilities exceed that which is possible for his/her race in the setting of the story. Particularly if said character has abilities that do not exist within the boundaries of the story’s world. Often these characters are technically legitimate, but are very, “Look at how unique and cool I am!”
A character who’s cliched, having qualities or characteristics that are overused by people trying to have a powerful/perfect/cool character. This includes but is not limited to the traits listed as Popular Role-Play Trends.
One way to test if you character is Mary Sue is by taking this test.


Role-play is about creativity and while these rules are not just needed they can at times during very deep and important role-play points be a bit constricting. That being said, like many things in life the rules of role-play are not the be-all and end-all. It takes skill and knowledge to know when one can bend one of the above rules to affect a role-play in a positive manner, this is usually done in small groups where the people involved know what they are getting into and are okay with it. This takes a long time to understand and should only be attempted by advanced role-players.

Always keep in mind that the purpose of role-playing online is to have fun - for everyone, not just yourself.



IORP Team with ♥

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What’s your in-game name?: __________

What are your previous in-game names ? (if you have any): __________

What’s your in-game level?: _______

What’s your in-game Roleplay score?: ________

What’s your age?: __________

What’s your country?: __________

What’s your Discord ID?: __________

Have you faced any administrative punishment?(if any? and reason): ____

Link of that admin punishment(if any, only of forums): _____

In no less-than 150 words explain What interests you to join IORP helper team: __________

How would you describe yourself as a person?: __________

What skills can you bring to the community of IORP?: __________

Since when have you been playing SA-MP?: __________

In which time zone (IST) you’re mostly available?: __________

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could use frequency range from 0 to 99

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it could also work like, select frequency and chat. same frequency players will read each others chat.