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report has been identified as resolved, please check below reference to read the solution.


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Responding to


  1. Not doing roleplay as real life
    no respond to this charge.

  2. doing impossible actions (using admin powers) without medic he got healed and without going any where he joined faction
    this happened after event 5, to clean the scene, used management powers to restore status.

  3. he was not doing gun fear as 2 guys was pointing guns in him.
    as the general of armed force, harry was highly armed then those two.

  4. and even after he died he was able to remember all things.
    since the rp scene was not further continued, There is no reason of this charge to be filed.

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Player name: Natwar_Lal

Report By: Harry_James (General of Armed Force)

Rule’s broken: Roleplay, In Character, Out of Character

Time and Date: 3 June 2020, 23:15

Report submitted to factions: SAGD, SAPD

Members at scene:

  1. Harry_James
  2. Natwar_Lal
  3. Sterben_Vii
  4. Akash_Dvarman

Description: The above rules are broken by Natwar_al and threaten Harry_James that he has broken the rules. This application has been submitted directly to the San Andreas Government Department and the San Andreas Police Force to address the unforeseen situation to Harry_James. Below is the date and time of the incident for this report.

Event of actions

  1. seen two citizens in car in front of mall, he suspected that they are armed, Harry announced in radio to pull over.

  2. at 2020:6:3 23:14:30 he did not received any response from them. But then suddenly they step out of vehicle and pointed gun at harry without any response to roleplay scene. Harry asked them to put down there weapons since they are not in position of threatening him. Harry was armed with lot’s of weapons, explosive and launcher.

  3. at 2020:6:3 23:14:48, Natwar Lal response to rp scene by saying that leave the suspect at the scene and leave. (everything by now was happening fine under all the rules.)

  4. at 2020:6:3 23:15:10, harry told them that “put down your weapons or I will arrest you”. Someone of them opened fire on random place to threaten harry. Then harrry asked them to follow the rules and turn on rpmode if they wish to open fire. Exact phrase was “turn on rpmode, if you wish to open fire”. In response, he received warning that “sir we will shoot u…it is good for u to move” by Natwar_Lal. (rule broken: rpmode)

  5. at 2020:6:3 23:16:15, harry seen that, they have turned on rpmode, In respond to it. He has rped that “openning fire” and opened fire at them. For the actions, Natwar_Lal taken cover somewhere near car, and harry taken cover in behind of his car. And open fire. Harry seen that one of them was taking there car, not sure that he war running or moving. But as they opened fire. Harry responded by rocket launcher to stop that car. In fire, Steven_Vii was killed on sight. But suddenly harry was killed from his back. (rp scene was terminated here, did not continued by any member of rp scene in further)

  6. After that, Natwar_Lal was supposed to leave the crime seen since he does not aware about this situation. But then he started to break rules. first he used occ information such as server players and members of faction to insure that he is safe and no one is coming at crime scene, thus he decided to stay on the crime seen and stopped rp scene. What he did first was used ooc information to talk to harry on the crime scene and say to harry that

“Natwar_Lal: /say you have rocket launcher havent thought bout that XD”
"Natwar_Lal: /say we warned u sir…

talked to harry while he was unconscious at the crime scene. then he started to threaten harry james by talking about the rules in character.

"Natwar_Lal: /say sir u cant do that while we are pointing gun on u we are 2 u have to do rp

as harry was aware about the rules are breaking since he used rocket launcher, he did not responded to Natwar Lal yet. Then Natwar_Lal completely gone ooc while he was using ic cmds.

last command used in by Natwar_Lal in ic was, using ooc information in ic.

“Natwar_Lal: /say u have to follow rp rules…u cant go or do anything if u are single and 2 guys are pointing gun on u”

as you can see, then he started to teach harry james, that how should be rules should followed in rp server. The rp scene was not continued as the members of rp scene, did not have any cooperation.

Harry tried to explain the situation to Natwar_Lal but he did not listen and keep saying that, what harry did was unexpected and he broken rp rules. Since there are no rules has been identified by the report against harry about breaking rules. Community staff have considered that, This application will be answered by SAGD, SAPD leaders to find the solution for right.

After this application, will solved. Community staff prepare the punishment’s against guilty members.


armed force will cooperate with, other factions leader to share any details if there were missing in this report.

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  • When you dial 911, the system directs your call to a public safety dispatch center. These public safety dispatch centers are operated by your local police, fire or sheriff’s department and staffed by highly trained personnel.

  • It is important that you stay on the line and tell the dispatcher what help is needed and where it is needed.

  • Dispatchers are trained to ask you questions that are helpful in determining which agency should respond and how quickly. By answering these questions, you are helping them provide the best possible response.

  • There are no charges for dialing 911 to request assistance, but there may be charges for services provided, such as ambulance transportation. Those charges could result regardless of the number dialed.

  • You can dial 911 from a pay phone without depositing a coin.

  • If you have a cellular phone, you can dial 911 and your call will be answered by a dispatcher. There is no charge for a
    911 call from a cellular phone.

  • If it is not a life-threatening emergency, look up the seven digit number for the agency in the phone book.

  • All police, fire and emergency medical services will respond to your needs as quickly as possible. If these agencies are busy, a response will be provided in the order of urgency.

  • When you travel, check the local phone book for the dialing instructions on pay phones to find out if 911 is available.

How to Make an Emergency Call to 911

  1. Stay calm. Don’t get excited. Take a deep breath.

  2. Dial 911 right away. Don’t wait for someone else to call.

  3. Tell the person who answers the phone exactly what is wrong.

  4. Tell them the exact address where help is needed. Be sure to give the
    FULL address, including any apartment number, suite number, space number, etc.

  5. Tell them the phone number you are calling from. If you are not at the same address as the emergency, tell them the address where you are.

  6. Tell them your name.

  7. DO NOT HANG UP until the person on the phone tells you to do so. They may need to ask you more questions to help the fire, police or ambulance find you.

Here is a look at the dispatch process.

  1. A citizen dials 911 in an emergency situation.

  2. The caller’s telephone provider automatically routes the call to the appropriate public safety agency.

  3. A 911 operator receives the call. If the call is from a non-cellular phone, the caller’s name, address and telephone number appear on a computer screen. The 911 operator confirms that information, asks the caller about the emergency, and assigns it a priority. While questioning the caller, the operator sends the information via computer to a fire or police dispatcher.

  4. The dispatcher receives the information about the emergency and confirms the priority rating assigned by the 911 operator. In Mesa, the highest priority, “E,” is for lifethreatening situations or major structure fires. The lowest priority, “5,” is for animal control issues.

  5. Police, fire and animal control vehicles are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Their locations are transmitted to the dispatch and 911 computers every 30 seconds.

  6. Location information then is transmitted to laptops in the vehicles. Each unit, represented by an icon, shows on the computer much like a tiny game piece: Cars, fire trucks, bicycles, helicopters and animal control vans are represented. The icons change color depending on their status.

  7. When police or fire units respond to an emergency, the address of the caller is displayed on a computer map in the communications center. The computer suggests the nearest vehicle. The dispatcher, who can override the suggestion or go with it, assigns the call with the click of a mouse.

  8. The police or fire unit receiving a call will see the address on a laptop screen. With a touch to the screen, the officer can call up a map showing the most direct route to the caller.

  9. Because house numbers generally are useless from the air, helicopters can use the system to get such information as how many houses from the corner an address is.

  10. From the map, firefighters can determine what type of firehydrant hookup they will need at a particular site.

  11. When the emergency has been taken care of, the police officer or firefighter can clear the scene via the laptop. The vehicle icon turns to dark blue on the map, and the unit is available for new calls.

Alexa Automated Emergency Calls

  1. when you required medic support, alexa share your personal details with the medic department to get help as soon as possible.
  2. In state of fire, Alexa contact local police department and share your details of event.

Protect and Serve - San Andreas Armed Force, San Andreas Police Department, San Andreas Government Department

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they don’t want to make there character then they are clearly not interested in play. Real player’s who are good at this. Really do.

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every new player need to make there virtual character, just like a new born baby can’t walk. However when a experienced player join, administrator try to make exception for me. But as per our history. It failed as always.

Thanks, you can reply to this thread for further discussion but it is now marked as solved

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  • vip information updated
  • account will be credited with vip cash immediately.
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Name:: __________

Date of Birth: __________

Sex/Gender: __________

Age: __________

Hometown: __________

In Game Level: __________

Prior Organization: __________

Why should you join?: __________

Anything you would like to add?: __________

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your review will help us to think of current systems in next updates. Thanks

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your review will help us to think of current systems in next updates. Thanks

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your review will help us to think of current systems in next updates. Thanks

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What’s your current in-game name?: Lone_Wolf

What name do you want?: Heath_Leadger

Why do you want to change your name?: ordered by community staff

Did you applied before? (if yes then write date or write no): no

current in game score: 111

current in game rp score: 904

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from june 1, real names will be allowed only