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Yes and also as per your suggestion we could make something like WHO (World Health Organization) faction or something like that.

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none, but this suggestion is for to make a medical shop and some treatments at hospital only. To make the server more real.

Injuries such: falling from bike, Falling from building etc.

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Limit Player health for medical injuries so that trade of medical supply can increase.

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Suggestion Accepted

We have taken your suggestion and implemented on our server.

Thanks for collaborating in IORP Development.

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Good suggestion, can you post model ID of vehicles instead, Then the action will be taken asap.

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University System - Bullworth Academy
realistic vehicle system - rent for static, wrecked, fuel for personal only
panel translation for message
Add NPC for train driver
Dynamic Vehicle Spawner
Ingame Mapping/Texturing (saving data in online script) - Nickk’s TextDraw Editor
Ingame Script Developer tool (use visual studio as overlay and panel to compile/reload script)
Animation sequence builder - allowing players to create dance steps
Embed Chromium browser using iorp samp connector
iorp samp connector - a advice lib to create functionality of mta
Death Sequence from nick -

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CEF Integration
Image Loading
New GUI Textdrwaw

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Problem: players not able to play 24*7

Cause: usage of computer

Solution: a upgrade is required to provide players to use their phone to play in server. apart from playing alexa will reach to you through notification so that you won’t miss anything in game and also able to execute commands in server without playing using alexa voice command.

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Problem: Inactivity of players who is in community member list

Cause: unknown

Solution: unknown

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Problem: players are not staying for long.

Cause: unknown

Solution: unknown

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Problem: IORP server is inactive because of lot’s of fact. we want to hear your voices so that we can resolve this issue, meanwhile we have temporary solution for this issue.

Cause: Not able to reach all the players of samp

Solution: samp masterlist is way to reach players who don’t use website or discord. they just open samp and play. so we need financial support from everyone.

Need for financial support: Since the community is paying for servers + websites, we can’t afford the samp masterlist at our own and the community is also a open community. So we need donations from everyone who want us to be grow. samp master list charge 33$, so please donate us. We will be fully transparent to you that how much we have received.

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We have problem with IORP server, asking for everyone help to resolve it. you can place your solution on forum or contact on discord community server so that we can hear you and resolve it.

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Hey people!

I’m a decade old veteran of SAMP, and I haven’t stopped playing.
There is however one problem. I don’t really appreciate any of the roleplay servers anymore.
I’ve tried many servers but they just don’t cut it… to put it frank… I think RCRP’s level of Roleplay is still too low (but better then most of the other servers). I can’t speak for LSRP, but I hear all the same stories over there.

A little bit about me… as stated before, decade veteran of SAMP. I’ve tried running a few servers. I wanted to try a multilingual project but failed at it. I was the founder of Countryside Roleplay, a very small (ultra) realistic roleplay experience hosted in Fort Carson. Where we tried to do things as much as feasible like they are done IRL. And TBH if it wasn’t for the fact that there were way too few players in the dying days of that project I would still be running it. I enjoyed every minute of my roleplay on that, and “secretly” that’s what I’m longing for again. A very realistic roleplay server where most things happen like they are IRL. I also really enjoy a realistic PD/SD, not one with a Chief, 4 Captains, 9 lieutenants and 1 officer; Preferably one that has like the Sheriff, maybe one or two sergeants, and then some deputies; Or anything as long as it’s structured right, not like those medium RP shitfests.

So I’m looking for an “ultra” realistic roleplay server. (Don’t get me wrong I don’t think it’s “ultra realistic”, it’s just realistic, and other kids want to define it as “ultra realistic” because they like playing servers they want to call “realistic” but just aren’t.) So all sidenotes aside again… I’m looking for a realistic roleplay server where things that happen IRL just happen. Where gangs are realistic and generic, where it all just makes sense. Do you know a server like that? Something better then LSRP or RCRP? Please hit me up.

Okay… here’s a disclaimer… do NOT even DARE to send me ANYTHING LESS THEN HEAVY RP, thank you.

I mean you are RIGHT but are also WRONG. There’s not a single server out there that’s ACTUALLY heavy RP in the advertisements, I wouldn’t have asked this question here had I found one in the advertisements.

I’m looking for player experiences, people who have seen these servers and are actually sure of what these servers are. Servers themselves always advertise themselves as “Heavy RP” even if they won’t even be it at all.
I remember the old days when “Medium/Heavy” was actually Medium Heavy… now-a-days Medium Heavy is a synonym for Medium or Medium Low, Heavy is a synonym for Medium/Heavy, so… it’s quite difficult if you’re ACTUALLY looking for a realistic server.

People advertise RCRP as a Heavy RP for example. But what I’ve seen there so far is a bunch of Metagaming that is supported by admins and all realism in factions taken away to support kids their e-boners.

So even the Acclaimed Heavy RP servers aren’t up to the actual Heavy RP standard I’m looking for. All I’m asking is if people know a server that is ACTUALLY realistic. It’s so difficult to answer a question? Just like you could ask if a new TV you’re buying is of good quality on forums instead of just buying it because you believe everything the ad says.

P.S. “Don’t even dare send me anything less then heavy” is like saying, don’t bother showing me any models that are less then 4k. Because clearly that isn’t what the question was for.

Also for interest into my POV…
Someone asked me a question in PM’s that I’ll keep anonymous as I didn’t ask him if I could use it but I think it sort of makes my point a lot more clear of what I might be looking for:

so out of curiosity I will ask if I can;

why you think that rcrp have still too low rp level, for me it’s hard
what multilingual project you wanted start and why is failed?
what you mean by /very realistic roleplay server where most things happen like they are IRL/ could you give me examples
Ah sure, no problem!
RCRP, what I experienced there is that it’s “heavy RP” alright in the normal playing environment. But that fades as soon as you get into a faction. I used to be in servers where only your IC actions would matter when you are in a faction. But there’s WAY too much Mixing/MG within the major factions in RCRP. Because people OOCly disagree with you for example on the forums or discord will mean that they will purposely oppose you ICly as well even though you haven’t had an interaction with them before. (Which is obviously mixing/MG)

I started a project called Cold War Roleplay I hoped to make a server with 2 nations (of actual different languages, preferably Russian and English) make them spawn in different places and “nations”. To make Military RP viable in a Roleplay server again. The way I’d have made that work was code a thing that would ONLY translate /me’s and /do’s, and not in character chat. So that way anyone who knows Russian can be “Russian”, anyone who speaks English can be “American” It was the idea to make these countries their own countries and separated by a language barrier, like in real life. That would mean a bunch of political disputes… land disputes, one country wanting more like the other. Much like the problems IRL. I thought it would be cool, but the Russian community didn’t agree with me, along with that the coders ditched on me.

What I mean… I understand it’s very abstract but what I hope to see is a server where things are ‘ACTUALLY’ like they are in real life. My best example is for example is RCRP’s court system, I was in it as a District Attorney, then a Judge. But the problem with that server was that anything that happened always had OOC controversy. For example as District Attorney (Prosecutor) I found out through paperwork that one officer behaved in a way that was reckless, and that realistically he’d be responsible for that. I went ahead and started proceedings against the officer, not long before an admin quickly stopped it because he didn’t like the idea. I’m sorry but if an officer IRL does something criminal he himself can land in court; that’s how that goes. I also had several battles OOCly about their prison terms. They are roleplaying to be part of the US, but their punishments are not like it. (Don’t get me wrong I understand that this is a game… but I think that punishments in a Heavy RP server can’t be as little as 2 hours if the case went to court.)

I founded a server once that was actually up to those standards. Court had ANY possible punishment in the book. From Community Service to Probation to 20 years to life in prison to… Death (a force CK). All were options (with conversion rates of course). And it wasn’t to piss people off, it was to keep a realistic playing environment. One time cops brought a case to court where a guy seriously injured 3 officers and a witness (some were PK’ed and some were in death mode, but we saw only a CK as MURDER) so he was charged with Attempted Murder (x4), Battery, Aggrivated Robbery, Grand Theft Auto, Evading a Police Officer, Unlawful Carrying of Weapons, Vehicular Endangerment, and Driving without a valid license. He plead guilty to all charges and got 180 years of prison, parole in 90 e.g. LIFE as his character was 35. He was totally fine with it. And this kept people a bit more realistic, or more cautious not to get caught. (As opposed to RCRP where you would get 2 hours in jail MAX for that kind of thing.)

It wasn’t that cops could prison someone for that long, maximum prison time for cops was 72 minutes (which represented the 72 hours IRL cops can detain someone without charging them.) But with all this realism, realism ensued in the purpetrating of crimes. People realized the ACTUAL risks, risks you would have IRL. Not all cases were brought to court, but those severe enough would. And cases with “controversy” for example I once brought a case to court of a guy who shot a guy who was trying to steal his car. The man who attempted to steal the car ran away and HE shot the unarmed thief in the back. It was brought to court and he was sentenced to 1 year ((month)) of probation.

(TLDR 3.) I understand it’s a pretty long message but… what I’m trying to say is that for a REAL realistic server you need to apply ALL aspects of life, not just the select that appease the players. I understand… it doesn’t need to be as harsh and hard as IRL, but atleast apply some of the countermeasures. 2 hours jail max is simply not enough for example. Not enough to deter it from all going to shit (you know, those DM’ers that are smart, that find a “plausible” IC reason for ANYTHING. You’ll find those kids in RCRP too, kids with 11 murders on their name for example.)

For those interested in the conversion rates (would put this in a spoiler if the forums had those):
Probation: 1 year = 1 month
Jail: 1 day = 1 minute
1 month = 30 minutes
1 year = 6h 05m [365m]
10 years = 2d 12h 50m (60h 50m) [3650m]
20 years = 5d 1h 40m (121h 40m) [7300m]
50 years = 12d 16h 10m (304h10m) [18250m]
All punishments past 1 year continued when offline
If a char would reasonably be dead at release it would be LIFE (so no OOC conversion.)
They could choose to remain in jail (and try to escape or something) or CK.

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Prepare the upgrade of real maps for phase 10.

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No Server Generated Money
Government Fund
House Upgrade (constructional, Government, p2p money)
Real Money Initiative (Goods)
Business Upgrade (constructional, Government, p2p money)
Bank Upgrade (loan, atm, mobile banking)

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Their will be actors in territory
If a actor is die inside the territory or killed by a faction player of mafia
it will start the attack of capturing territory.
if all the actor is died then the zone will be captured.
if the killers were killed by law or owner of territory will cancel the capturing.

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Upgrade actor system to perform realistic actions like if it actor has fist then he will fight with the shooter.

If the actor has gun, he will fire on the shooter.

if the actor is dead, medic will come to rescue him.

if the actor is kidnapped. The law will rescue him.