Suggestion for server

Name :- Natwar Lal

Suggestion :-

  1. there should be command like /trunkstore, /trunkload, /trunkstorage to store the items in trunk of the car

  2. There is no armour in ammunation. In game only govt. agency has
    armour. Mafias should also have armour and ammunation should also sell armours.

  3. Neon should be saved in personal vehicles as Neon looks good in cars. when i relog the neon get automatically removed.

  4. Only the high rank holders in gang can sell drugs to dealers rest players can sell their drugs to the gang members. By this there will be more gang rp for drugs.

  5. As we can see all the gangs are present in one city( Las Santos ) by this in future there will be more chances of fight so my suggestion all the gangs should be equally divided in all three cities like san ferriro and Las venturas.

  6. In game we can see police can directly jail the players. This function should be removed there should be a command /jail [id] which should work inside the pd only so that there will be more cop rp.

  7. if we kill someone then one option occurs /alexa yes this command should be removed because if we are in rp situation and in war or anything someone get killed and if he type /alexa yes then i disturbs the player.

  8. There should be a command /report [id] [reason] so that if anyone does MG, PG then it can instantly be reported to admin and admin can instantly see that.

Note ;- this may make rp interesting .

Future Upgrades are added based on this suggestion

Thanks for suggesting such nice updates 🙂