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  • it is an unfair advantage, and also its not a RolePlay thing. So we will not implement this, police meant to search place so that they will have some fun.
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  • Wrong format used
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  • NOTE: IORP is not against making friends, BUT while inviting IORP player to your discord server you must have permissions from management and no content about any other sa-mp server in your discord server.
  • We consider you wont do this thing again so we are enabling your account, meanwhile if you still start sending invite links through DM or by any other way, we will Permanently ban you without any warning.
  • Enjoy gaming 😄
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Hi there, kindly follow unban application format to get any output.
Reason for you was banned: advertising discord servers through Dms

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Not considered

  • Cops already have power to remove other cop’s objects but as it could be abused so this power is given to higher ranks only.
  • Object removed as it was having limit of 50 and was not required.
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Already in work

  • this thing is already considered by development team and getting ready, will take some time. All the courses will be uploaded at same time(on implementation)
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Mar 2, 2021

Today Deputy Chief of Police came in city during morning to have a look what’s going on and to check whats crime rate nowadays, he ended up by issuing a fine for a civilian who was over-speeding later, Deputy Chief Of Police left the city to have some rest as city became crime free But at night he was called to have a look on his Cops about what they doing, when he reached the spot he find out the one Cop was misusing powers unknownly or while knowing it, and as per the report he removed that Officer and issued Weapon License of Mr. Harshad_Mehta again as it was seized for no reason. Also today faction leader recruited new cop Karthikeya_Prabu who will replace the one who got removed because of misuse of powers given to him, it was a good day as not many crimes were reported and civilians were living peacefully.

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Report Considered

  • Action Taken: Removed Jimmy_Parker from SAPD for keeping crime levels 60+
  • You will be unjailed by any COP immediately.
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