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what ever happened in the server that was done not intentionally and i apologize for that. And it will not happen again

i hope u will understand and give positive response

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Name: Natwar_Lal

Suggestion: when we use the rp commands /me, /say, /call, /shout etc then it can be seen by all the players present in city and it fills the OOC also and sometimes other player are involved in their rp so sometimes it disturb the rp of both the players. So i suggest you that the person who use these rp commands then it should be seen by the nearby players like /s command…and when we whispher anything then it should be seen by that player only to whom we are whisphering like /pm the it will be good as it will not be shown like OOC and it will not disturb others rp


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June 20 , 2020

5 days before while going towards the turf of Corleone Family a civilian named Akash_Dvarman came to The Don of family Natwar_Lal and said that he wants to join his Mafia The Don of the family asked the reason why He wanted to join Corleone Family then Akash_Dvarman told that he wanted to take revenge from LSPD and SAGD because they killed his father in fake encounter and Then The Don of the family Natwar_Lal took his test for 5 days and checked that whether he is spy or not and finally decided to keep him

Don of the Family

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June 15 , 2020

Today while going towards corleone family turf after dealing for drugs with a drug dealer, a civilian named Sterben_Vii came to Corleone family’s associate Natwar_Lal looking forward to get illegal weapons . as he didn’t had a weapon licence . so after all the paperwork the associate sold him some weapons in black and did some smuggling of illegal weapons.

Corleone Family’s Assosciate

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Name: Natwar_Lal

Date of Birth: 16/04/1999

Sex/Gender: male

Age: 21

Hometown: Las Venturas

In Game Level: 61

Prior Organization: No prior organization

Why should you join?: as i know this is the biggest mafia group in the city and i had seen that the leader of this faction is inactive so i am ready to take the responsibility of this faction and work for this faction and lead this faction and i wanted to do criminal rp and i would love to do criminal rp while staying in this faction

Anything you would like to add?: You will not regret if you select me in this faction and i am ready to take responsiblity and lead this faction in a proper way i promise

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when the suspect was running away from the scene he used rocket launcher( cant be used to catch suspect) and because of this the suspect died on the spot and because no medic was present in the city player has no option left expect /acceptdeath so the player has accepted death and if the player accept death then according to rule his past records are clear and you can’t jail the suspect but the officer Harry_James jailed him as soon as the player came out of hospital this all happened there and the player who got killed and jailed by Harry_James was Sterben_Vii

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  1. Harry_James is saying without enabling /rp mode i started shooting but it is fully wrong statement i enabled /rpmode as soon as Harry told me

  2. Harry_James is saying that i used /say u had rocket launchers xd but in whole scene i didn’t mentioned about rocket launcher

  3. Harry is saying after killing him i must have leave the area where it was going to happen but i was waiting for more police officer because i was going to surrender

  4. My only mistake is i mixed OOC and IC for that i am ready to take punishment but there are more mistaks of Harry .

    He jailed that guy who was killed by him using rocket launcher but u can’t jail a guy who is killed

    No medic was present at that scene then also he managed to heal himself and without moving from that place he joined faction which can be seen as power gaming

    #we know that he is general of armed forces but he have to show some gun fear because not one two persons were pointing gun on him which makes his life is danger but he was not showing gun fear

These all above points were Harry’s mistake as member of the server it is also my duty to guide player if he is doing something wrong ot doesn’t mean that i am violating rules and regulations and if guiding and helping players is wrong then ok i will not do it

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Player name: Harry_James(general of armed forces)

Report submitted to faction: SAGD and SAPD by Natwar_Lal

Rule’s broken: 1) Not doing roleplay as real life
2) doing impossible actions (using admin powers) without medic he got healed and without going any where he joined faction
3) he was not doing gun fear as 2 guys was pointing guns in him
4) and even after he died he was able to remeber all things
5) he jailed the suspect even when the suspect was died as rule if person dies then his history will go

Time and Date: 12:00 AM , 4 june 2020

Report submitted to faction: SAGD and SAPD by Natwar_Lal

Description: He was not doing roleplay prpoerly and he used his admin powers to to heal himself and when 2 guys were pointing gun on him he was not showing gun fear and he killed one suspect with rocket launcher
and after dying when he came alive he jailed the suspect because he remembered everything

As i enabled the /rpmode he was allowed to shoot me but sterben did not enabled /rpmode and he was running as a respond he use rocket launcher which is not tolerable as he can do was he can shoot the tures of car but he used rocket launcher and i was doing criminal rp and as i am a growing criminal of the city i killed that officer and stayed there to surrender to other officer who was coming for his backup( as in game i didn’t know that the backup is coming or not ) and in ooc i was explaining Harry rp rules regarding gun fear and power gaming but because pf quick actions sometime i was using /s which i know it is my mistake but it is quick action because after a long time i was doing ooc and some wrong action are done

Evidence:at the time these all things happened 2 more citizen were present and those citizen are

  1. Sterben_Vii

When You saw admin Rulebreaker | abuser: yes He was the admin who broke the rule and used his admin powers while doing roleplay

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Many of players are willing to join this server and they are for other rp server( not dm server) like mudoo rp and horizon rp and they are at good post on that server so they enjoy their and if they come and see that they have score 60 points then they might hesitate to join this rp server

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I would like to suggest you regarding faction that we can keep new players in faction as volunteer by taking their faction test and taking them in faction after required points and score and after when they submit application bcoz when new players join the game it requires so much time to have 60 score and 600 points and till then the only thing they can do is job and they feel bored so we can keep new players as volunteer amd not giving them salary which will keep intrest in faction and they will be there permanent if they submit their application and if they are selected then only they will be permanent.