suggestion for a proper tutorial

Name: Anniyan_Gupta
Suggestion: i would suggest you to add some tutorial when we join as a worker in any faction for a first time because i joined the department of mechanics today but didn’t know about the required commands all i knew about was how to operate a tow truck, i am sad that i couldn’t help out a guy who wanted to repair his bike. if possible some one please tell me about the commands. Thanks

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Tutorials are given by faction leaders upon joining.

Tutorials are given by faction leaders upon joining.

@Deepak_Poojary it would ask for a verification by phone in order to send messages in the server i know that we can have discord in PC as well so i cant verify in the server unless i get my phone repaired

my discord name: mr.weirdo#1188
the problem is i dont have the phone to verify it by phone, its broken:(
so i cant type in the server

What’s ur name in discord… And if u got ur role as mechanic… Just type !myfactionrole in iorp discord server

I have joined the server already

I will give mechanic training for u… And U need to join discord server also