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I am mechanic… 🤣 🤣 🤣

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@Rider_Nev 20 views in this post… i guess all gus had understood

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Currently mechanic department can help u guys if ur vehicles run out of fuel… They can tow ur truck to nearby fuel station

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@Arvind_Kali i know this… I told we need multiple choice like qts while registering in IORP and example of mech depart qts ans

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Hi team.

  1. Don’t allow player to purchase weapons in city who’s score is below 30 and bring the systems that only mafias can deal the weapon… Only mafias can sell the guns weeds and all
  2. and limited no. of cars to be added to rewardveh command… Teams are using heli for robbery
  3. Bill system to be implemented in repairing vehicle at the point of repair shop (same like pocket system)
  4. Police should be off duty while mining…bcz robbery will know that police is in mining place and he will easily rob the store.
  5. To avoid Non-RP name in server. … U can add highlighted warning in iorp website while anyone is going to register
  6. According to me to avoid kiddishness in server… Some imp qts to be made asked while filling iorp registration (same like we have qts while joining mech department. That multiple choice type)

I know currently we are 50% RP server… But i guess we can make it to 90% … Bcz 10 % will be there in every server who will come to make fun… 🤣 🤣 🤣

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Hi team,

As per new updated i tried to repair my vehicle from pocket

My amount was deducted but vehicle was not repaired (snapshots are attached below)

And kindly adjust price for repair… Bcz its cost is to high
Repair shop cost is just 200 dollers and repair through pocket system is 2000 dollers… Kindly have a look

Snapshot before repair


Snapshot after repair


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Thanks any testing help let me know…

U can close this as resolved

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@IORP ok ok… Currently there is an issue with bonnet…
Its showing bonnet is closed everytime… This bug was earlier highlighted to Harry

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I am mechanic…

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{This is just my imagination i don’t know will it be possible to implement}

Can we have system like… Purchasing repair kits and using for repair rather than taking vehicles to the spot…

Repair kits are like
Basic repair kit :- which can repair 50% of vehicle (500 damage)
Full repair kit:- which can repair 100% of any vehicle (1000 damage)

These repair kits can be purchased by mechanics only and they can sell it to other people or they can use it to repair the vehicles of others
(dont remove spots of repair shop… Others will be able to repair thier vehicles whiles mechanics are not available)