Application for joining SAPD

Name: Akash

In-Game Name:Akash_Kumar

Discord ID (with #):Akash_Kumar#3902

Hometown: Thanjavur,india

In Game Level: 108

Roleplay Score:1684

You was in any faction? if yes, faction name and reason to leave that:I was in grove Street families I leave for I face many problems in mafia so I left

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?:no

Why would you like to join the San Andreas Police Department? (50 Word Minimum):I want to join sapd because it is a small dream for me I lead this city and take action against illegal users I guard this city and teach legal jobs for people’s I spread love people and ask our opinions and solve our problem like a good cop I stop robbery and illegals treat good way this city people’s so I like join SAPD

What skills you can bring to SAPD?: I am best shooter I have gun licence I am best driver and skilled person running and jumping wall swimming and lot

Biography (50 Word Minimum):I lived with my uncle and brother in grove Street. And living a peaceful life one day me and my family members are sleep in road one thief come mid night and kill my brother and take all money’s and run . I am very broken this situation I think one day I have power to teach the thief revenge and jailed thief for my brother death . I follow this thief regularly he do drug business also same time so I punish two crimes so I need this job

Screenshot of weapons license , player status:PicsArt_03-22-04.11.15.png PicsArt_03-20-09.36.17.png