Rules for members of IOPL

  1. All are equal, you have to respect all other workers.

  2. If you have any problem, don’t take actions on your own. Get clarification from the faction leader or any other higher officials.

  3. You have to sign-in to the faction if you have to work in the faction only. You have to use /rpmode when your are signed in the faction.

  4. Don’t cry for promotions to the faction leader. It will be given on the basis of forum Timeline post and if your fit for it.

  5. If u have any quires regarding IOPL, your free to solve them by contacting the faction leader.

  6. You must be on discord server of IORP and be available when we need you.

  7. You have to update your work daily and post timeline in forum.

  8. You have to follow the words of the faction leader.

  9. If your new to IOPL, then get a starter training from the faction leader or from other workers.

  10. Price details :
    A) For fuel stations in city, provide fuel at 1-7/gallon [min].
    B) For airport fuel stations, provide fuel at 10-15/gallon [min].
    C) The price of fuel can change depending on its demand.
    D) For more clarifications on price details on fuel you can contact the faction leader.