Use Of Voice Chat

How to use Voice Chat and Why Not you are having samp voice support in the server ? If you bring the feature of Voice Chat in the server, it could be more enjoyable and easy to communicate with other players . We can also do RP with that feature .

well we can fix glitches, which is discovered. but if you haven’t make any report on them, we never know it. so report, so we can fix them.

U can bring new features now as many players have started to play now . Yesterday there were 20 players in the server which i didn’t see for a long time , from my starting also . So i suggest you to bring up some changes and fix the bugs and glitches in the server .

samp voice is not compatible with our server. we have issues with using sampvoice. We have own voice chat at with text chat. It works, but it’s not the perfect solution. we are looking for a good platform to make voice chat. we hope soon we get it and have it.