Navapraj_Sup's San Andreas Police Faction Application

Name : Navapraj_Sup

Date of Birth : 05 / 09 / 2000

Sex / Gender : Male

Age : 20

Hometown : Los Santos

In-Game Level : 4

Have you ever been arrested? If so, please state why : I was arrested on 22/11/2020 because I killed a user of the name Nitheesh_Kumar on 10/10/2020 and I also drove at high speeds and got caught on speed camera.

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement? : No , I don’t have any history of doing so.

Why would you like to join the San Andreas Police Department? : I would like to join the San Andreas Police Department because the mistakes that
I did when I joined for the first day on this server should not persist on with every new user that joins the server .I also saw that this is a very prestigious and very nice server so I thought that I should help the admins and fellow players on getting frustrated on this server by people who may bring this server to ruin. I also noticed that the police was having a little struggle to set people to good ways , so , might as well give a helping hand. But the Police Faction has been one of my dream factions on every roleplay servers. I also chose this faction because I must and will work hard for the people and the admins to help get rid of exploiters and outlaws that destroy the meaning of roleplay. So I will give my full efforts to set new users and people on the right tracks.

Biography : I always loved to play GTA San Andreas with my friends.
I am playing GTA San Andreas for 2 years now so I’m a little trained on driving cars and Shooting skills.
I am a “Team” guy so I love Team Missions

                Thank you for giving me the opportunity for applying an application to join the San Andreas Police Force

Will not be considered

Kindly post in correct section.

Will not be considered

Kindly post in correct section.