Thor's Application to join Corleone Family

Name:: Thor_Odinson

Date of Birth: 19-08-2994

Sex/Gender: Male

Age: 15

Hometown: Asguard [ Los Santos]

In Game Level: 31

Prior Organization: None

Why should you join?: __

This gang does not have any Faction leader i would like to fully manage this gang and change many things and give it a new look plus grow it as soon as possible…

Anything you would like to add?: ____

Yes, but its not only for this gang…so, i will post at #suggestions… and also i will post for this faction only…

Hey dont go for a leader post directly it will never be accept untill and unless you are not a exception.

Application Rejected

Reason: not enough score/experience in the server to lead a faction. Please try again after having 150+ score.

Thank you