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  • Name: i dont want to reveal.

  • In-Game Name: Tripathi_Pankaj

  • Discord ID (with #): Pankaj Tripathi#8811

  • Hometown: DownTown

  • In Game Level: 9

  • Roleplay Score: 221

  • You was in any faction? if yes, faction name and reason to leave that: None

  • Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?: Yes in BETA Mode

  • Why would you like to join the San Andreas Police Department? (50 Word Minimum): Because yesterday i saw some cops are corrupted so i decided to become a non-corrupted cop and jail/fine all the criminals with proper methods and will try to make crime level to lowest number possible, also i am in need of a JOB and SAPD Suits perfect for me to join. am interested in being a COP and work very nicely so that civilians will not face any problems because of criminals.

  • What skills you can bring to SAPD?: I can stop Criminals from their crimes, Try to catch thief and many more

  • Biography (50 Word Minimum): am 20yo human searching for a job which can help me in living and help civilians by my working hours, as soon as my graduation completed, i applied for weapon license to be eligible for being a cop. after get accepted i was just waiting for a right time to be a COP and serve the city to make it a crime free and happy city.

  • Screenshot of Weapon license, Player Stats: It Was seized by Arvind_Kali yesterday but i had applied for weapon license again which is not accepted yet.

Player stats:

Recruitement Link: https://forum.iorp.in/topic/284/requirement-thread-for-posting-in-game-advertisements/5

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You can see all the chats as proof.

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  • Reported by: Tripathi_Pankaj

  • Player Reported: Arvind_Kali (cop)

  • Rule’s broken: Misused his cop powers and do not taking action against his friends

  • Time and Date: at 8:30pm to 8:50pm on 13/02/2021

  • Description: Today when i entered city arvind came to me and tries to stole my car and he had not said anything not even a warning so i just ran from that area because i want to save my car, then during driving he gave me PULL OVER and i stopped after 4-5seconds of drive, he sat in my car immediately and Cuffed me, kept on giving me crimes, Even gave fake crimes also included all crimes which was already solved. not even this, he come in jail with full gang and putted “FOLLOW ME” action on me and saying its BUG on me. he didn’t take it back until i told him that i was cop in beta phase of server also this line “great, be ready to see what will you get for misusing cop powers” after this line he immediately took his “FOLLOW ME” action, Also he seized by weapon license for no reason. even i have not purchased a single weapon with that license. he also didnt gave me reason for seizing it. AFTER all this, when i unjailed, his gang came out and Piriyan_Suriya started hitting me, he was just watching and not doing anything even when he had tazer in his hands THEN Karthikeya_Prabu Pointed gun on me, still he was just enjoying in watching what his friends doing to me, he was not doing his cop duty. apart from this, before jail he had not even show me my crimes just directly jailed me.

  • Evidence: Here is all screenshots.

alt text
alt text
alt text


Look he coming inside jail
alt text

Outside of jail look what they saying to me

alt text
alt text

Here when i warned him i will report

alt text

Now disabled follow me action

alt text

They all trying to threaten me by showing gun BUT cop not responding.

alt text
alt text

He chosed to get away from me instead of helping and taking actions again Karthikeya

alt text

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  • What’s your current forum username?: Thor_Odison

  • What’s your iorp.in username?: Pankaj_Tripathi

  • What’s your discord ID? (optional): Pankaj Tripath#8811

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Name:: Thor_Odinson

Date of Birth: 19-08-2994

Sex/Gender: Male

Age: 15

Hometown: Asguard [ Los Santos]

In Game Level: 31

Prior Organization: None

Why should you join?: __

This gang does not have any Faction leader i would like to fully manage this gang and change many things and give it a new look plus grow it as soon as possible…

Anything you would like to add?: ____

Yes, but its not only for this gang…so, i will post at #suggestions… and also i will post for this faction only…