Buggs's Application to join!

Name: Buggs
Date of Birth: 17/10/2000
Sex/Gender: Male [M]
Age: 18
Home town: Los Santos
In game level: 1
Prior Organisation: No
Why Should you join?: I,ve been a good role-play player for the last 2 years, im not going to say im the best of the best but im pretty good for what im doing. I mostly been playing rp servers instead of DM,Stunts etc. I dont have a history to talk but if u pick me u will be impressed for what i am capable of.
Anything you would like to add?: No at least not for now.
Secret Code: No

@sarah what ? Am Under-Boss of Crenshaw Mafia Bolods ?

Soory but i read the history and researched it but i missed it ☺ ☺

Application Accpeted
Dear ‘‘ZOMBIE’’ You are now the ‘‘Under-Boss’’ Of Crenshaw Mafia Bloods and a Co-Leader

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Sorry but i had to type fast so i didnt take the time ill keep it in mind.☺

Application Accepted
Btw If you had paid attention on CMB’s forum information… you could have known the Secret Code