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I’m ready to fill the seat.

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Oh god, Delete this already

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DIE BITCH I’ll RP killing you IG

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November 6, 2018

Today, We successfully fooled the President by our Consigliere’‘Tom Hagen’’ who Called the president so he can share Information of Bloods with PD. The President sent his Secretary and got her dead as it was a trap

After that, The President ordered the same ‘‘Tom_Hagen’’ to Sniper the President as she came back to her department but failed and was captured, Tortured and Killed

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Name: Sarah_Rose_Siddique

Suggestion: IORP have a total of 10 factions, 5 Government and 5 Gang/Mafia. Presidential Department, San Andreas Armed Forces, Special Weapons and Tactics, San Andreas Police Department, IORP Recruitment Agency, Corleone Family, Grove Street Families, Front Yard Ballas, Crenshaw Mafia Bloods, Compton Mafia. I suggest to Remove Grove Street Families and Front Yard Ballas and add a family like Barzini Family or Tattaglia Family or both.

Note: Reasons to remove GSF and FYB: 1- GSF and FYB are gangs available in GTA SA Singleplayer. Almost every Fr/Rp and Roleplay servers have these faction. If we remove them, we can be Unique. 2- Compared to other factions, GSF and FYB are too weak. Bloods have their Empires in Africa and America and So do Crips. Corleone Family are very powerful, they have contacts in the entire planet ‘‘Earth’’ so i wanted to suggest you to add Barzini Family, They can be a threat to Corleone Family and another can be Tattaglia Family or some other Real Life gangs like West Mobs or Black Mafia

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Name: Harisdon
Gang: Crenshaw Mafia Bloods
Role in the Gang: Left Hand
Document Type: Recruitment and Promotion
Attachment: <Haris Application>

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Application Accepted
Haris, we have read your application and we think we should add you but since your knowledge about mafia and that secret code was hidden in rules. We will add you in CMB but not as a leadering Post but a “Soldier” you will be promoted to “Hitman” or “Caporegime” if lucky, when Our beloved leader will check your shooting skills

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October 30, 2018

Today, Crenshaw Mafia Bloods were informed that the new Vice President has been elected. As CMB were in Great Business ‘‘Loss’’ because of ‘‘Say No To Drugs’’ Association, They planned to bribe the VP to cancel that Association. When They met, VP straightly Refused the offer. The Boss of CMB shot her in the chest and while she and her soldiers were disposing the bodies, Police were near so they abandoned them. CMB is straight sure that VP has no proof that CMB shot her as all the security were dead at spot.