What is /rpmode?

IORP is heavy roleplay, by default all players are in character mode. no freeroam at all. sometime we refer out gamemode as Real Life Mode instead of roleplay.

Question: then what is /rpmode?

Answer: some of you may be wondering then, why a heavy roleplay server have such command like /rpmode. It will be easy to understand by what is allowed or not allowed in rpmode .

The reason, why we created this command is: to prevent deathmatch.

What’s allowed in roleplay mode (/rpmode)?

  1. you can use roleplay commands: /me /my /do /em /say /shout /w /t /fr /call
  2. global chat is disabled in /rpmode.
  3. players in /rpmode are not visible to you in your map, players who are visible is not using /rpmode.
  4. you will be banned from server for killing non rpmode players because of deathmatch.

What’s not allowed in roleplay mode (/rpmode)?

  1. all the access described above is not allowed, if you do not use /rpmode.
  2. weapon usage is not alllowed in /rpmode.
  3. you can not join events in /rpmode.
  4. you can not walk in to any faction zone area.

When /rpmode is automatically (forcely by server) applied on you?

  1. when you have wanted level.
  2. when you are doing heist.
  3. when you are signed as in faction.

How to check the next player is in /rpmode or not?

  1. server announce player name when, he/she enabled /rpmode.
  2. if you can see player icon in map, then he is definitely not in /rpmode.

Recommendation: always use /rpmode to avoid any confusion.

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