Report on Rishi_Kanth and Mohamed_Shafiq

Player name: Rishi_Kanth and Mohamed_Shafiq

Rule’s broken: Killing me for no reasons

Time and Date: 12:29 31/1/2021

Description: I came to my home at groove and when i came out from my home they said me handsup then they asked me money and then they killed me and said we will always kill u or we will make u 1hp so that u will get disease and said u are not a gangster now so i am not afraid of u and said u are a medical officer who can just revive and challrnged me to join mafia faction and said to do gangwar and Arvind_Kali was also there and he was laughing


Rishi_Kanth killed me

Mohamed_Shafiq killed me

Saying i will kill u for no reasons

When You saw admin Rulebreaker | abuser: At groove i got killed 2 times. At first by Mohamed_Shafiq and 2nd time Rishi_Kanth

we don’t open external images ourselves.

Bro its opening i asked to Sanjay @IORP


reason: images does not open with post.