Use of Billing System in required fractions

Like in IOPL , use of billing system could be useful for the workers to have a database or records of what they sell or the details , quantity , time , date etc . Due to this all of the other workers could also know who has selled to whom or anyother things too . You can also use this in any other Fractions like SAMD etc .

Considered but not an requirement for now. Roleplay unlocks so much opportunities, you can maintain your timeline so that you keep whatever records you want.

Not like that if a worker sells oil in iopl , we can use billing system like this much oil was sold to this fuel station owner at the specific time and at the specific price

we have player logs function. It was created to collect and make records of player achievement but we haven’t used it.
so you can just make list of events, which players wants to see on there profile.

for example

  1. Harry_James sold his infernus to Dino_James for $10000.
  2. Harry_James sold his house in SF.

anything that is not too much. Like we can’t log.

Harry_James had drink.

so all this player records will be available at to see a timeline of player.