Corleone Family: Timeline

September 14, 2018

Today, the Corleone family travels around the city of Los Santos and sees the result of the conflict between the front yard ballas and grove street families. The conflict has taken a serious level of destruction, so the Presidential Department sent the San Andreas Armed Forces to take a control on it.

Corleone assumes that the struggle is critically important because they are involved in that struggle in someway.

June 20 , 2020

5 days before while going towards the turf of Corleone Family a civilian named Akash_Dvarman came to The Don of family Natwar_Lal and said that he wants to join his Mafia The Don of the family asked the reason why He wanted to join Corleone Family then Akash_Dvarman told that he wanted to take revenge from LSPD and SAGD because they killed his father in fake encounter and Then The Don of the family Natwar_Lal took his test for 5 days and checked that whether he is spy or not and finally decided to keep him

Don of the Family

June 15 , 2020

Today while going towards corleone family turf after dealing for drugs with a drug dealer, a civilian named Sterben_Vii came to Corleone family’s associate Natwar_Lal looking forward to get illegal weapons . as he didn’t had a weapon licence . so after all the paperwork the associate sold him some weapons in black and did some smuggling of illegal weapons.

Corleone Family’s Assosciate