Hey people,

no fancy words this time, we know most of the player are getting bored because of not much action in our server. We received lot’s of reviews and suggestions from our players. Considering them all and a lot discussion we came to conclusion that we need some actions for normal players and faction members. so in the end of talk we came with two solutions, one is Mafia Zone System yes, just like the name there will be zones which can only be captured by mafia and rules by them. You will have to fight for zones but why do you fight for it because zone’s generate revenue and if you or your team want money this will be good resource to get never stopping money and become most powerful mafia, so fight for it and rule it earn it. we will give a post forum about all the details.

okay so that’s for mafia right, what about normal players who want some actions, well we came up with idea CNR (cops and robber). some of you might already know about this mode, that just rob and fight cops and in the end get away with money. So we have implemented systems that allow anyone normal player to faction member to rob shops all around san andreas. Which is also called heist. This type of heist will have chase for cops. you can rob alone or with team that’s up-to you. but cops will chase you. If they arrest you then you will have to spent big time in jail but if you survive and getaway then you can keep the money and fun that you have earn it. we answer to all simple FAQ on forum post, but I know you have only one big question, how chase works. well cops will have location of your on there radar for few mins, if you survive in those mins then you will get of the grid so no one can find you.

with this two systems that are bringing lot of action to our server, I guess we might have resolved most common problem, but if some of you have more great idea then just suggest us. We do our best to bring it soon.

Release Date: next Sunday


Regards, Team IORP