Best LevelUp System

Every Player Stats can be determined just by his level!.
(which is highly very important!)

instead of having just levels, we can add custom names for those levels
[rookie](username) --> Level 0 -35
[PRO](username) --> Level 36 - 60
[MASTER](username) --> Level 61 - 100
[LEGEND](username) --> level 100++
which promotes the player to get high levels
(don’t forget to read the final part)

* Experience
Each Level will have a unique experience point!
Level 1 exp:[0/100]
after getting level 1 the experience point will reset and he needs to get 450 again to unlock the next level
Level 2 exp:[0/450]
Where experience points can be got by any activities! like eating foods, playing for 30min, exploring new buildings, buying cars, etc etc
Each activity gives different experience points. and if a player got some exp. by buying items. he may buy again and again fastly to earn exp so add a cool down system for this! after getting exp. he needs to wait for some minutes to get again exp next time!
Example(in chat):
(username) earned (3exp) for buying (item_name) etc for all

* Reward System(important)
Players need some rewards for leveling up! just not giving some money! we may add some coupons, crates,spin_the_wheel ticket, money, Some Unique items or it can be a random item else it can be a unique item that can only be got by this method, etc
Level 1 Rewards: 1 Crate, 6000dollars
Level 2 Rewards: 1 coupon, 7000dollarsetc…
it promotes the players to play more time

* Level Objects
players can not buy everything in the starting! because after buying all they will get bored so instead we will add you required level to buy this item so if the player needs that. they get to some specific level to buy those items. so we can also stop hacker to buy everything with hacks

* RANDOM EVENTS(optional)
we need some random event in the san country. where only the players with at least level 20 can participate in it! and the rewards for random events will be different! if the player’s level is 20-50 he gets low rewards and if player’s level is 51-80 he gets medium rewards and so on…

Once the Player Reached the 150th level he will enter the league!!!
Bronze League(level 150-160)
Silver League(level 170-180)
Gold League(level 180-190)
Diamond League(level 190-200)
The League will happen every 6 months! and in those 6 months, the players need to achieve the diamond league! and at the end of the 6th month, the players in each league will be rewarded with high prices! and In the end, whoever participated in the league, the leaderboard need to be posted somewhere on the city, website, and discord and their level will be reset to level 150 or lower according to which league they are in.

and other players playing with these league players can also increase their experience faster.

* Custom Commands
Players with a high level get some custom commands with the COOLDOWN system.
"/FW" [for level 100+] which launch a little firework on their head
"/party" [for level 130+] which gives drop some random items near the player and other players can pick those items and enjoy
"/tramp" [for level 150+] which spawns a trampoline near the player and everyone can jump in the trampoline for some minutes and it should despawn


  • If any player kills others they will get some exp from them.

  • Players with high levels can boost some jobs for 30/45min so anyone doing the job will get more money/speed up the process. and near get the job it needs to show who boosted the job!

  • League Players can use RocketMan for few minutes per day

  • one Free Taxi Service per day for every 100+ level players

  • 100+ players will have some discount on shops

  • league players can change the chat text color(only for them)

    -Thank you! ❤

Implemented Experience Based System

note: please separate different ideas from this thread to another suggestion post.

+1 ,if all the suggestions were implemented then the players would says that the coder must be a ALIEN 👽