Suggestion for Department of mechanic by Vicky
  • Name : Vicky_Boy

  • suggestion : I saw that department of mechanic have the repairing ability. But its not that good enough to make the player impressive or at least satisfy as a mechanic. I suggest you to add more abilities i mean add all options which the tuning shop have . Ex: The mechanic can add repair , refill ,Add Nitro , Add spoiler, Change Tyre and etc …
    Add Rumpo (id: 440 ) for Adding Nitro , spoilers ,change tyre etc…
    Add Towtruck (id: 525 ) for repairing and refill
    Add 5 more ranks !

This will increase the interest on mechanic factions

Note: I hope you will understand what I’m trying to say 🙂

we did not added modification by mechanics, else considered in v20.

Contact me if you want more details or how will it works !