Suggestions [ Levelup system ]
  • Name : Vicky_Boy

  • Suggestions : I saw that we have unique score type system its fine but level is better then the score system and everyone like to level in all games. Let me explain how i’m suggesting it.

-The score can be converted into level( name it AGE so it will give nice look to realistic RP) after certain requirment is reached

-Ex: playing 1 hour = 1 score
Now i’m in level ( AGE: 5 ) with score [12/14] and i need 2 scores for AGE : 6, then I’m continuously playing for another 2 hrs . Then i should reached my requirement score for AGE : 6. Then i can level up with some commands like /alexa My Birthday ! and also i want to say that make some messages displayable like Payday with bank statement ( Bank interest ) for evey hour

  • Note : This suggestions will give some pretty levelup system to our RP

Implemented Experience based level system. This has taken for reference.

note:please suggest other ideas based on that system in different suggestion post