Indian Ocean Roleplay GTA SA Pack. click here to download

Installation Instruction for multi version SAMP 0.3.7-R2 and 0.3-DL

step 1. Download file names

  1. GTA San Andreas original game by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar
  2. sa-mp-0.3.7-R2 by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar
  3. sa-mp-0.3.DL-R1 by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar

step 2. Create a directory that looks like below.


step 3. Extract GTA SA Designed by Indian Ocean Roleplay Recommended Version.rar inside both folder. we need this step for multi version SAMP.


step 4. Installing multi version SAMP.

  1. Opensa-mp-0.3.7-R2 by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar.
  2. Install inside C:\IORP\GTA SA
  3. Replace sampgui.png inside C:\IORP\GTA SA
  4. Opensa-mp-0.3.DL-R1 by Indian Ocean Roleplay.rar
  5. Install inside C:\IORP\GTA SA DL
  6. Replace sampgui.png inside C:\IORP\GTA SA DL

step 5. We are done with installation. step to switch between 0.3.7 and 0.3-DL

  1. Open samp.exe from any folder.
  2. Now select samp version you want to play. for example let’s connect to IORP 0.3.7-R2 server.
  3. Inside samp.exe, choose settings and select the path of GTA SA folder. which is C:\IORP\GTA SA.
  4. now hit the connect button to join 0.3.7-R2 server.
  5. Do the same steps to connect IORP 0.3-DL server. just remember the directory, which is C:\IORP\GTA SA DL.

step 6. After selecting samp version click on connect button to connect Indian Ocean Roleplay Server.

Thank you for playing with Indian Ocean Roleplay. Have a good day.

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