Step 1: find Alexa on discord server?

Step 2: send personal message to Alexa, in personal message or direct message type verify and send it

Step 3: okay so now you will get some instructions from Alexa to verify your discord account, so as per first step, you need to create forum account if you haven’t registered on forum yet. you can skip this step if you already registered. registration at
once you registered, you will get a verification link on your email address so open it and just click on it

step 4: login into forum account

step 5: go to your profile page and click on edit

step 6: this is very important step so do it with complete focus, now switch back to discord and copy your discord id from Alexa’s step 2 and paste it in about me section
now click on save
step 7: copy your username from forum profile, in my case, I have this
and now follow Alexa’s third and last step, which is to send verify message with username, so as you can see, mine forum username is IORP so you have to copy your username and send to Alexa, like this and then you will be verified on discord server.
you can see your name in verified section on discord
verified channels are now unlocked for you

well done, you have successfully verified your account with discord server.

if you have more questions you can ask on this thread regarding verification process thanks. enjoy your stay on iorp.