4th of April role-play event: Carl's sister kidnapped

Story: there was a another wonderful day in Los Santos. Everyone was working so hard to make some time for their families. but what is this, something bad happened at grove street families. They have just filed a case against Michael, Michael is known for his crimes in Los Santos since years. This is another time when we are hearing from the very famous Grove Street families that Michael did something terrible for them. He kidnapped Carl’s sister Lisa right before her birthday. As per reports ,It has been confirmed that while everyone including Carl was busy with his birthday preparations. Michael kidnaps Lisa from the mall in the market. This news is spreading rapidly in Los Santos, we will see what will happen in Los Santos today, Because the mayor has ordered the San Andreas Police Department and the San Andreas Armed Forces to take down Michael as soon as possible. stay tuned for updates.

Hi guys, as you read the story, we have planned this roleplay to take place in Los Santos on the 4th of April. Please see the details below and watch us live on YouTube.

Time: 12:00 - 18:00 4th of April
Location: Los Santos
Organizer: Lone_Wolf (Sherlock Holmes#6838), Harry_James (Harry#5791)

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this event is postponed, please wait for next update