Announcing Phase 6 of IORP Framework, It will bring fully automated eco system for samp. Don’t get it, let me explain then, IORP™ aim for modern gameplay, That is why before the phase 5 release, we have started working on phase 6.

What are going to see in phase 6, well stuff like real world, you will have life in samp, you can buy houses, business, farm houses, vehicles, private jets, private properties etc. Everything just like real life, your phone will be part of life, which will have in built “IORP Operating System 2.0”, we named it.

How big The IORP Framework is, the estimated size of this project will create 1GB file of gamemode excluding database.

There will be fully automated systems like automated government, which ensure the tax, laws, and automated recruiting program which let you apply for factions and gangs.

There a lot things I have to share but The spoiler maybe enough for you now, We will soon announce the estimated release data of this project.

IMPORTANT: Well currently there are two developers working on this project, Root ♥ Harry, so to get this things ASAP for you, we need your support, you can help us by joining staff, developing scripts or guiding the systems and all.

Thanks for Reading, Have nice day
IORP Community Founders: Harry, Root, MJ04