Request to join staff team

What’s your in-game name?: Sonu_Hamzah

What are your previous in-game names ? (if you have any): No i not use any other name

What’s your age?: 18

What’s your country?: Pakistan

What’s your Discord ID?: S.O.N.U#5305

In no less-than 150 words explain What interests you to join IORP admin team: IORP gamemodes is made on an unique system which have a lot of features on it.And this make it different from others servers.It has unique building unique style.Everything is unique in this server.So all of these i come here

How would you describe yourself as a person?: I’m a very polite and gentelman with kind-herted heart.But I always dislike the lie and the cheating and try to understand people not to lie and not cheat anyone!

What skills can you bring to the community of IORP?: If you accept me then i can take the skill of admin of factions and clans.

Do you have any administrative experience in other servers? If yes, explain briefly: Yes i have an expericense in others server.My first server is a Cops and Robbers and i’m an level 5 administrator here means the downward of rcon admin.And the next server is a Human VS Zombie server and i’m a level 4 admin here.And the last one is a Roleplay server and I’m also an admin here.

Since when have you been playing SA-MP?: june 2018

In which timezone you’re mostly available?: GMT+5

Do you have a working microphone?:yes i have a working microphone