Application For Iorp CEO

What’s your in-game name? BigDawg is my name in game.

What are your previous in-game names ? No i dont have any previous in-game names . I keep my name BigDawg in every game.

What’s your age? Im 17 years old.

What’s your country? Currently I live in Scotland.

What’s your Discord ID? SirBigDawg#5112 is my discord tag.

What interests you to join IORP admin team: I think that my experience in the samp and my ability to manage the server perfectly make me a good match for this position. In my recent position, I used my strong work ethic and analytical and technical skills to run my server successfully . I like the way how the server is scripted . So it made me feel like I should Join the admin team of Iorp for better gaming experience .

How would you describe yourself as a person? I would describe myself as the person with the quality like ambitious , confident , adaptable and conscientious.

What skills can you bring to the community of IORP? Well I can lead Iorp towards its bright future with my experience.

Do you have any administrative experience in other servers? Yes, I do have administrative experience I used to be the owner of a samp server named “The Ice Crows” But due to my financial problem I had to close the server .

Since when have you been playing SA-MP? I have been playing samp since 2018.

In which timezone you’re mostly available? I will be mostly available on the weekends and for few hours in the regular days because I have to attain my high-school daily.

Do you have a working microphone? Yes I do have a working microphone.

                          Thank You

Application awaited for approval