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Name: Peyton
Post: Administrator and Faction Leader
This application is to inform the community that I will be resigning from adminship and leaving samp. IORP has given me the opportunity to lead a faction and be the admin of this server and I am thankful for all of that. Thanks to our community founder who saw a noob as admin. I am here for almost 2 months and I have a lot of memories from here which I will remember always. I have to leave this because of my studies and work. I don’t know if I can return or not but if I get the chance I will return for sure and I will stay with the community on discord. Thank you to all of the players for fun and good luck to IORP for future.

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November 6, 2018

The president gets fooled by the Consigliere about being acknowledged about whereabouts of the boss of the bloods and sends Maria which results in her death.

The blood’s boss sends Consigliere to execute the president but he fails and ends up dying.

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November 4, 2018

The bribed lawyers riot outside the president’s HQ and demand for increasing the wages to which the president responds by addressing the nation on TV and denying to fulfil the demands of rioters.

At last after hours of commotion the rioters with the help of unified mafia take over which leads the president to flee to SAAF HQ.

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November 3, 2018

The president had a meeting with the boss of Crenshaw mafia bloods at ocean ducks which got heated up to some extent.

The president had offered the boss two options among war or cease fire out of which the boss chose cease fire.

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October 20, 2018

The president is back in action and has ordered a war against the unified corleones, crenshaw’s and crimptons.

SAPD has been ordered to secure all the clan parameters of their regions and SAAF has been instructed to lead the war against the unified mafias under the president.

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October 16, 2018

The President woke up after three days of being shot and was filled in with all incidents happened in those three days.

President signed the papers of legalising licenses for drugs in medics and it was announced in a press conference held by her secretary.

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October 15, 2018

The president was shot by the leader of Crenshaw mafia during inauguration ceremony of rehab centre.

The law of legalising drugs has been postponed due to president’s critical condition in the hospital.

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to be filled by the leader.

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1.King- Rules the tribe.
Member- vacant

2.Tumandar- He is the tribal chief who has control over the military and is the most powerful person after the king.
Member- vacant

3.Mohaseb- The accountant in the tribe who has all the information about expenses of the tribe and has important role in maintaining the balance of treasury.
Member- vacant

4.Gasos- The spy present in the tribewho keeps an eye on both internal and external activities of tribe and in the rival tribes.
Member- vacant

5.Mschar- The advisor of the king who is expert in all fields and trains the new members.
Member- vacant

6.Wazeer alhabibat- The minister who manages distribution of food , water, health services and other basic facilities to people.
Member- vacant

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Baloch group of tribes speaking the Balochi language and estimated at about five million inhabitants in the province of Balochistān in Pakistan and also neighbouring areas of Iran and Afghanistan. In Pakistan the Baloch people are divided into two groups, the Sulaimani and the Makrani, separated from each other by a compact block of Brahui tribes.
he Baloch are traditionally nomads, but settled agricultural existence is becoming more common; every chief has a fixed residence. The villages are collections of mud or stone huts; on the hills, enclosures of rough stone walls are covered with matting to serve as temporary habitations. The Baloch raise camels, cattle, sheep, and goats and engage in carpet making and embroidery. Their agricultural methods are primitive. They profess Islam.
In ancient times, Iranian Balochistān provided a land route to the Indus River valley and the Babylonian civilizations. The armies of Alexander the Great marched through Balochistān in 326 bce on their way to the Hindu Kush and, on their return march in 325, experienced great hardships in the region’s barren wastes.
The Seljuq invasion of Kermān in the 11th century ce stimulated the eastward migration of the Baloch. The Seljuq ruler Qāwurd (Kavurt) sent an expedition against the Kufichis (Qufs), Baloch mountaineers whose banditry had long threatened the region’s southern and eastern parts. After suppressing the Baloch, the Seljuqs put watchtowers, cisterns, and caravansaries along the desert route to encourage trade with India. The Baloch remained rebellious under Ṣafavid rule (1501–1736). Western Balochistān was conquered by Iran in the 19th century, and its boundary was fixed in 1872. The Iranian government began to assist settlement and economic development in the 1970s by building dams and thermoelectric-power plants, though these efforts slackened after the Iranian Islamic Revolution.