Vice president Application

Name: Michelle_Jackson

Date of Birth: 23:10:2000

Sex/Gender: Male

Age: 20

Hometown: Los Santos

Game Level: 2

Have you ever been arrested? [If so, please state why]: No

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?[if yes please state]: Former Secretary Of State

State your contributions towards San Andreas. [if any] (100 words minimum):i help some peoples by giving some money and help some new ones in the city by telling how to get the cars and how to repair the car.i lift them and roam the city around the los santos.i will help all people of all citys.

What post would you like to work in the Presidential Department:Vice President

Why would you like to join the Presidential department at this post? (150 Word Minimum): i want to make sure that all work goes smooth in the city so that no illegal works going on.i want to help people and help the president in his work so that the City Is Safe from Criminal and terrorists.I will help and manage the all works of president in the three cities and small no part of san andreas is unsecure.i will make the areas safe and secure.i will do my best to save the city from criminals and make the citizens and president safe from Criminal.Thank u

Biography (150 Word Minimum): I came from few server but i came upon this server by searching a indian server then i play this so much coz its a indian and interesting server.i help a lot people here and i also fully know how to roleplay so i stayed here then i see here many crimes go on.I think I should be a Cop but then i think i should be san andreas Gov so i take care of everyone because of i want to be a vice president to manage everything all works all safety before the president or when is Not on duty.then i play it again and again.then i came up a decision i will Join Gov Now.I will try to be a Good Vice president.I will do my best to safe the city and secure it.its my promise.Thanks u

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