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What’s your in-game name?: __________

What are your previous in-game names ? (if you have any): __________

What’s your age?: __________

What’s your country?: __________

What’s your Discord ID?: __________

In no less-than 150 words explain What interests you to join IORP admin team: __________

How would you describe yourself as a person?: __________

What skills can you bring to the community of IORP?: __________

Do you have any administrative experience in other servers? If yes, explain briefly: __________

Since when have you been playing SA-MP?: __________

In which timezone you’re mostly available?: __________

Do you have a working microphone?: __________

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1. Your application must be original and entirely your own work.

2. You must not have faced recent administrative punishments (in-game, discord, forums).

3. You must fill out all questions, and meet, or exceed the word limits.

4. You must have a good knowledge about the server.

5. You should be an active member of the community and have at least 100 forum posts.

6. People with temper or other attitude issues will most likely be denied during the reviewing stage

7. You must have the ability to read, write, and understand the English language fluently.

8. You need at least 500 Hours played

9. when you become worthy, community staff offer you to join management

10. you can not apply for management until, you have the permission from community staff

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Name: __________

Suggestion: __________

Note: __________