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October 21, 2018

Today, at a meeting between the Chief ‘‘Zombie’’ and President ‘‘PeytonP’’, Some Crenshaw Mafia’s members tried to shoot both of the down, But The Chief of Special Weapons and Tactics managed to drive the Mafia away but was Killed in Action. The Chief of SAPD ‘‘Zombie’’ himself attended his funeral. The President ‘‘PeytonP’’ announced ‘‘Zombie’’ the new leader of SWAT and the Assistant Chief of SAPD ‘‘Sophia’’ was announced the new Chief of ‘‘SAPD’’.

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Name: Sophia

Date of Birth: 13-1-2000

Sex/Gender: Female

Age: 18

Hometown: New York City

In Game Level: I just started playing SAMP so its must be 0

Have you ever been arrested? If so, please state why: Nope

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?: Nope

Why would you like to join the San Andreas Police Department? (150 Word Minimum): SAPD is the best in my Perspective as i have been a officer before, SAPD is my best org i have ever being in it. SAPD is need because its very important to keep people framed in law. Also it need a Good leader for making it Run smooth. That’s Why am applying For SAPD.

Biography : My name is Sophia_Wilson.I was born in Downtown,Los Santos and I was a A grade student in Downtown Local School and our family was small, I was 11 years old my mother motivated me to learn horse riding and my father thought that I was great inall hobbies like FootBall and Ping Pong, In 2010 some kidnappers cane to our house and kidnapped me but my dad was teaching me a lot about self defense but when they stabbed me in the thigh, I was unable to move and they took me with them as a hostage. But a Police Officer shot the Kidnapper in the chest and I ran away. I was delighted by the police’s performance, I started taking interests in Police. I joined a Police Training academy and got Excellent rate in the academy and I worked in Red county as a officer for 2 years and my mom and dad were killed by a murderer and at this moment I promised my soul and myself that I will never let these murderers escape and got theme and they killed due the justice and after this happened I decided to leave the whole national and I went to Canada when I was and I went here again when I was 18, i got official Degree For Law, i went to Los Santos. Now i Want to join SAPD, Become a Leader of it and stop corruption.