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June 12, 2019


Release: Phase 5 & 6 - Origin of life

Check out here

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Server: IORP - Origin of life

Hello everyone, here we are after a long-awaited time…

What is IORP?

It is stand for Indian Ocean Roleplay, a fast, secure and extendable framework designed for San Andreas Multiplayer. We gave the framework a community name but the server name contains the prefix or suffix of the community with the trademark.

Features of framework

Easy to Extendable

This framework allows us to make big and secure servers, also reduces the complexity of the script. It is powered by the core plugin built for IORP. Also, this framework has a big advantage that,
Developers can create server scripts using developer control panel, without any restrictions on the limit or errors.

1k+ API

By default this framework includes 1k + API (functions or callback for pawn) to add to script, for the example, If you want to add database support, You do not have to type handle functions to access it, You only need one line of code and you are done.

High Performance

Performance is our number one priority for us, This is the reason that there is no shortage of player sync in this framework. It also uses secondary synchronous method to handle the performance, so that the player never bugged due to low connectivity.

Fully Secured

Since SA: MP does not provide any protection for server attacks, We ship a 99% security for a samp server so that it can not be hacked. also for lots of hacks, It does not kick the player, it prevents hack so that it does not affect others.

Developer Friendly

A developer needs simplicity to write a script, that’s why this framework gives the best tool to a developer. from my personal experience, These days, the construction of a complex script took at least five minutes, which included complex integration.


We all have a wonderful day because we are releasing two phase today…

Phase 5

It contains…

Gamemode: Origin of Life

As described in title “Origin of life” that this gamemode is all about life, Where you have your own life to live. This includes every part of our daily life, such as school, fun, family, friends, government, hookers, job, graduation etc.
There is nothing that you will not see in this server in the future…

Your beginning in this gamemode

You will be given a story by us to start your life, We have this for the movement…

There was a accident while you were on trip with your family at Ylläs, Unfortunately, no one survived except you, So now you are on your own.
But soon we will add a feature that will allow you to create your own story.

Your routine and task

You have to live your life as real so you need food, sleep, job etc… So Everyday will be like real, You have to live for yourself. If you did not do what you are suppose to do, You will die and you need to start your life again from zero, you will be lost Whatever you had earned in previous lives.

Smart Alexa

All the IORP servers controlled by Alexa, she control our servers and work a lot and maintain balance and secure servers.

Gaming Zone

You’ve heard of events, but we do not have events because It does not meet our gamemode guidelines, That’s why we created a gaming zone, You will find lots of places in the server where you can play games like Counter-Strike Source, Call of Duty and others.
Mini games either come in your phone or are available at gaming centers.

Future plans for this gamemode

Just one, Make a real life in SA:MP, We are not just saying for prestige, we will do it in real terms, we meant it and we will have it one day, I know It is difficult but not impossible for our team, So feel free to live your life. Let me explain how,
Suppose that you go for a job interview and they ask you to come back four days later, Then you will have to go for that job after four days, If the date has passed, you lost the opportunity, This is how it will work, it is because of the IORP core.
It includes a lot of things that allow to create such complex scripts and life gaming is one of them, that is why we have decided to make it.

Phase 6

It contains…

UCP: User Control Panel

Online portal for all members of the community to view their game status and manage their data. Some things are very difficult to manage in the game, so you need to use the portal to manage it.

ACP: Admin Control Panel

For our staff, they need to handle every single player’s data, so we created a panel for them that allows them to manage all the players with the server system. The server system creates mass data, it is difficult to handle in the game, this panel has all the systems to manage.

DCP: Developer Control Panel

Here’s the most important update from us. Developers can code scripts online for IORP, now you do not need to pass any of your code to anyone, just make whatever you want and install it in our running server. Soon we will have a different dev server.

Single Dashboard

for UCP, ACP, DCP, we have single dashboard located at, it make it easy for you to handle your work space.
Click here to open control panel

VSCode Plugin: Pawn Community Tool

Click here to get plugin control panel

Developer Documentation

Click here to open documentation

Server Information

Click here to open server information

Important Dates

The order of the server release available to the members.

Alpha Release: 15 June to 30 June 2019

Beta Release: 1 July to 31 July 2019

Original Release: 1 August 2019 with Hosted Tab


Harry, Root, MJ04 - We wish you good gaming…

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Announcing Phase 6 of IORP Framework, It will bring fully automated eco system for samp. Don’t get it, let me explain then, IORP™ aim for modern gameplay, That is why before the phase 5 release, we have started working on phase 6.

What are going to see in phase 6, well stuff like real world, you will have life in samp, you can buy houses, business, farm houses, vehicles, private jets, private properties etc. Everything just like real life, your phone will be part of life, which will have in built “IORP Operating System 2.0”, we named it.

How big The IORP Framework is, the estimated size of this project will create 1GB file of gamemode excluding database.

There will be fully automated systems like automated government, which ensure the tax, laws, and automated recruiting program which let you apply for factions and gangs.

There a lot things I have to share but The spoiler maybe enough for you now, We will soon announce the estimated release data of this project.

IMPORTANT: Well currently there are two developers working on this project, Root ♥ Harry, so to get this things ASAP for you, we need your support, you can help us by joining staff, developing scripts or guiding the systems and all.

Thanks for Reading, Have nice day
IORP Community Founders: Harry, Root, MJ04

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May 8, 2019


Updated Systems
Many: Minor crashes and bugs fixed
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Alexa can now give you movies details, information about people, country, word, world and many more. Also now do google search in game, with alexa google search engine powered by IORP Core. like

google who is carl johnson

But it’s not over yet, hold you breath because something awesome has yet to come, YYYY? 🤔

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@Sarah we miss you girl, come back to us 🙂

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April 18, 2019


New Systems
Family System: Make you family now
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April 12, 2019


New Systems
Patch Status Systems: Enable/Disable IORP Patch
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April 11, 2019


New Systems
GYM Systems: gyms in ls, sf, lv
Updated Systems
Security Systems: updated
Removed Systems
AFK System: removed
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March 21, 2019


Updated Systems
AFK System: player color change to black in afk mode