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Its not only in the fraction . It too is among the normal also . Can i sumbit a video for it ?

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There is a problem in giving keys to the players . When a person gives keys it shows , u have given the keys of this to the player and for that player also it shows that . But when the player gets on the vehicle it shows , u don’t have the keys of this particular vehicle . Due to this the players can’t share their vehicle’s key with other players . It too causes problems while giving keys for repairing to the mechanical department . So i request you to fix that problem . It could be easy for the players to do so .

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What’s your in-game name ? : Nivas_Kumar

What are your previous in-game names ? (if you have any) : Rider_Nev

What’s your in-game level ? : 187

What’s your in-game Roleplay score ? : 1817

What’s your age ? : 18

What’s your country ? : India

What’s your Discord ID ? : nev_cj#2103

In no less-than 150 words explain What interests you to join IORP helper team :

I am a kind of Helping person . I like to help new players who are entering the city and show them the way to start their life in the city . I too like IORP server due to their connection between the fractions and others . I like gaming and who comes to the server for entertainment or any other purposes will need help to start their play in the server and they too have many doubts regarding the sever . So i like to guide them in the correct way to start their play in the server and help others in their gameplay too . And only few members can’t do all the works in the server . So i thought to join hands with them to help them in some situations . So only i am interested in this one .

How would you describe yourself as a person ? :

I am a person who cares and help others . I too like to play games from my childhood . I am good person , who supports everones thoughts and hard work .

What skills can you bring to the community of IORP ? :

A proper rules regarding the server , good RP skills and many more .

Since when have you been playing SA-MP ? : 2020

In which time zone (IST) you’re mostly available ? : 9 AM to 9 PM . It is not fixed . Sometimes , even more than this . I could help whenever its possible .

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Player name : Rishi_Vashisht

Rule’s broken : Shot me for no reason ( RDM ) & Speaking of Bad Words

Time and Date : 15/1/2021 & Friday

Description :

Fraction Leader : @Akash_Dvarman

I and my friend were traveling in the bike in the right side of the road , he took a left turn from the Idealwood Fuel Station and came in the right side of the road & hit my bike . I got down and went to ask sorry but he spoke Bad Words and seeing that i sat in my bike to go away from that place but as soon as i sat on the bike he shot me and saying some thing else . I use /alexa yes to report it too . Many of the player of CF Fraction is doing that as they have guns in their hand .

Evidence :

aa075134-57a4-424f-92b5-14c5953edf80.jpg 4428c81d-ed67-42cd-a392-c57c70e37a02.jpg 4428c81d-ed67-42cd-a392-c57c70e37a02 (1).jpg

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Ok bro . Update it in discord so that everyone could come to know about it

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In-Game Name: Nivas_Kumsr

In-Game Level : 146

Roleplay Score : 1068

Why you want to join? (30 words minimum):
I have already in this job . I have unknownly resigned instead of signing off . As there is no fuel in the city , i like to refuel it . So i have applied for it .
Biography (30 words minimum): I Am a helpful person who helps everyone who needs my help . I am smart too.
Your Discord Profile?: nevcj

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Name : Adit_Singh
Reason : RDM with along with his friend
Evidence : IMG-20210108-WA0077.jpg

It got logged off so i can’t take the deathlog
But i have done alexa yes cmd