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  • Word limit not reached.

  • Levek requirement not reached.

  • You are not allowed to apply again for 1week from now.

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accepted as trainee, meet Priyanshu_Aggarwal in-game to become a LSPD cop as trainee as your progress will be better you will be promoted to higher ranks

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+1 i loved this

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  • Player name: Ninja_Sujit

  • Rule’s broken: DMing

  • Time and Date: around 12:16 PM, On 7/11/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY)

  • Description: first of all started Dm for No reason. then in chat told will kill everyone but were ignored, then he started killing and get jailed and those peoples who were in jail he started to kill them all without a single reason. also get reported to admins by many players.

  • Actions Taken by ig-Admin:

  1. Freezed + warned,
  2. Kicked from server with reason: Go and learn rp rules first.
  • Evidence: here a screenshot of getting killed by him. also kill logs you can see.


  • Edit: in chatlog you can see he joined again, its because he was freezed so get rid from that he did relog and again started killing
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+1 such a nice suggestion

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The San Andreas Medical Department (SAMD) appears to be a public medical service which only respond within San Andreas’ major cities; Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro, and will not respond to emergencies in far outskirts. such as Sea

Their logo is seen on the side of Ambulances and is depicted as a traditional “Plus of Life

paramedics will reach you in an Ambulance in emergency situations. When arriving at the scene of a casualty, the driver and other paramedics will get out and attempt to revive injured civilians.

San Andreas Medical Department paramedics will almost always successfully revive injured Civilians if they are on time; only decapitated pedestrians cannot be saved.

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  • Already a respected officer in SAGD
  • Haven’t met requirements (60 score)
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Unban Request Format

  • Character Name:____

  • Player Level?:____

  • Date of Ban?:____

  • Reason why you was banned?:____

  • Why we should Unban you?:____

NOTE: if we find that you again broke a rule then that will be a Permanent Ban, also you are not allowed to ask any of community staff member to have a look on your apply or ask them to unban you.

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  • What’s your current in-game name?: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

  • how much leave, do you required?: 10days (till 5th july 2020)

  • describe your reason for taking leave?:
    there is a big test on 5th july and i have not revised anything so probably to prepare for that i need lot of time that’s why am taking this big leave also because of the syllabus is fucking too big for that test and that test will be on video call so to maintain my performance in my studies i need this leave. i also wanna inform if i had covered my topic of the day then probably i will be there in-game… but currently because of that test am not able to give much time on any social media platforms(also games). i hope you understand my current situation

  • you have to come back and report to community staff, when your leave is finish, do you understand?: yeah i understood perfectly!

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I Priyanshu_Aggarwal Leader of San Andreas Police Department with Heath_Leadger Leader of San Andreas Government Department, giving our judgments

As far we investigated about this issue we reached this solution that says:

By having a look on on the details General Harry_James has found innocent…

  1. On the point he abused management power as Natwars said:
    Ans. He is a vip user and he restored his status after the rp scene, and being a vip player he have this ability

Wheres we found natwar Guilty in these points:

  1. Included OOC Chat in IC
  2. Tried to save Sterben_Vii, but he was included in this matter.
  3. Without knowing that situation much better, blamed Harry_James

Punishment given for Natwar’s Actions:

  1. Terminated his Local gang for 2days
  2. Usage of Any kind of Weapon prohibited for him till 2days
  3. Will be under supervision of President until he didn’t get his Local Gang Back

Incase if he found not obeying these punishments will be shot at sight immediately by any Law officer in roleplay

reference to:

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when the suspect was running away from the scene he used rocket launcher( cant be used to catch suspect) and because of this the suspect died on the spot and because no medic was present in the city player has no option left expect /acceptdeath so the player has accepted death and if the player accept death then according to rule his past records are clear and you can’t jail the suspect but the officer Harry_James jailed him as soon as the player came out of hospital this all happened there and the player who got killed and jailed by Harry_James was Sterben_Vii

About Streben_Vii, he broke these rules during your scene:

  • shooting without rpmode
  • Did not rped for any action
  • tried to leave the scene without rp, did not mention that either in rp

thus killed at rp scene, and when a suspect killed by police while /rpmode they directly sent to jail as our rules say this

  • Also he pointed Gun on General hence that included him in this rp scene

As i got all my required points to know, the punishments will be announced soon with the discussion with President, and hence matter has to be closed now

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Apart from this i want to know correct details and gave solutions about the points i mention below:

  • points:
  1. he was not doing gun fear as 2 guys was pointing guns on him
  • Solved: Army has special trainer with which they can handle alot of peoples at same time, so as general he have more experience about wars in this case of POINTED GUN AND HAVE NO FEAR
  1. doing impossible actions (using admin powers) without medic he got healed and without going any where he joined faction
  • Thing to ask: Could you give me all details about this one? (should be answered by @Harry_James)
  1. and even after he died he was able to remember all things
  • Solution: Okey so this is an issue to be discussed about, will get back on it soon.
  1. he jailed the suspect even when the suspect was died as rule if person dies then his history will go
  • Thing to ask: Provide us more details about this (should be answered by Natwar)

NOTE: My final answer will be given when i get all the required details

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In-game name: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

Suggestion: My suggestion is for medic faction today, as we can see there nothing too much implemented in Medic so am suggesting some things should be added in SAMD so it could create more fun for us…

  • Achievements for Revive patients.

  • A point from factions suggestion: increase in salary of different ranks in a faction

  • Life Insurance giving system in all Hospitals

  • A new system for medics: if patient is in critical condition then medics have to take that patient in ambulance then hospital then revive him there in operation theater

  • Get paid(by patient) if patient doesn’t have insurance. [When insurance system implemented]

  • Addition of health deseases that can be cured in hospital by medics

  • Some civilians efforts, sometimes ambulance get late in reaching patient so civilians can also drop patient to hospital

NOTE: addition of some bots on each hospitals of LS,LV,SF if possible

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Application Format

  • Your Name:

  • Date of Birth:

  • Sex/Gender:

  • Age:

  • Hometown:

  • In Game Level:

  • Your RP Score:

  • Why should we select you in SAMD?:

  • Do you have any history in working with Medical staff?:


  • Must have at least 60hours played in-game
  • Must have 600 Roleplay Score
  • Must be better in showing your actions in roleplay
  • Must have good knowledge about how medic works
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  • ig-Name: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

  • Suggestion:

1) i want to suggest that, should have a Contact system in our Mobiles In-game

Like: we ask someone his/her phone no. in-game, then we can save them with specific Names, i will be easy to contact with them then by using our mobile/tablet.

2) why not should have different money reward on different ranks in faction? like rank10 = $100, rank9 = $200, And so on…

  • NOTE: It can also create a craze in players to join factions and then they work more in factions to get promotions by faction leaders and will help to fill faction fastly too 😉
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हिंदी अनुवाद

  • Quick Player Option खोलने के लिए ये करे:

  • पहले अपने माउस के राइट क्लिक को दबाएं और सामने प्लेयर को टार्गेट(aim) करें, जैसे आप इस photo में देख सकते है;

  • ये ज़रूर देखे कि टारगेट प्लेयर के सिर पर हरे रंग का पॉइंटर चढ़ा आगया हो

alt text

  • quick player options खोलने के लिए अपने aim को दबाए रखें और Space बटन दबाएं
  • अब आप Menu List में Options देख सकते हैं:

alt text

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हिंदी अनुवाद

  • आपके पास अपनी पॉकेट(User control panel) खोलने के कई तरीके हैं:
1. command: /pocket /ucp
2. alexa command: /alexa my pocket
3. keyboard से एक्सेस के लिए : H+Space
4. GUI: N दबाएं और फिर अपनी स्क्रीन के बाएं कोने पर निचे स्थित एक आइकन पर क्लिक करें।

एक बार जब आपने अपनी पॉकेट(user control panel) खोली तो आपको यह दिखाई देगा:

alt text

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हिंदी अनुवाद

  • यहाँ पर सिटी हॉल की लोकेशन है (आपके मैप पर):
    alt text

  • अंदर आप सेटिंग कंट्रोल पैनल और आधार कार्ड पिकअप पा सकते हैं: (सेटिंग कंट्रोल पैनल एक्सेस करने के लिए एंटर दबाए)

alt text

  • सेटिंग कंट्रोल पैनल के अंदर क्या है? : (सेटिंग कंट्रोल पैनल एक्सेस करने के लिए एंटर दबाए)

alt text

  • आधार कार्ड के अंदर क्या है?

alt text

  • हमें उम्मीद है कि आप समझ गए होंगे कि आप सिटी हॉल में क्या कर सकते हैं