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Name: Priyanshu

In-Game Name: Priyanshu_AggarwaL

Suggestion: My suggestion is for Police and Criminals…

    When police cuff someone then that player should be freezed and wont be able to move… and directly sent to the vehicle which Officer was driving before cuff that player…

  • Criminals:
    Criminals should have a system to take help from other criminal faction Secratly instead of asking in Main Chat… its can be via /pm, but I suggest a system which sent msg to the whole faction members…

Note: Provide Police More powers to controll criminals then the server can have a real-fun of gaming… i cant describe it as i thinking in my mind, but i described it, Hope you will try to understand what is the meaning of this suggestion

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it will be more fun if got added and players can spent their time in their house too, and it also will be next move to real-life server…

Disadvantages: Players Have to spend their money to maintain their house and purchasing Cooking and Glossary Items, plus we didnt got much money by doing only onw job…so it will lead to lack of money xD…

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IORP Dharamshala

  • Name: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

  • Suggestion: As we can see that not every player able to purchase a house to complete their sleep. so, i wanna suggest wanna create a Dharamshala in which players can complete their sleep

  • Note:
    1)Dharamshala Must be in all three cities
    2)Players required adhaar card to get entry in Dharamshala
    3)Players Can sleep 24hr/day (as our sleep time)

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Corona has entered in SA, maybe it took down our president and he is in quarantine now✊

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Name: [IND]priyanshu

Date of Birth: 19/08/2004

Sex/Gender: Male

Age: 14

Hometown: Los Santos

In Game Level: 1

Have you ever been arrested? If so, please state why: no

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?: yes in other servers

Why would you like to join the San Andreas Police Department? : i like to be a cop always and i will jail that players who insult,abuse to any player/admin

Biography : i always wanted to be cop…and always do my work greatly i will always check for did there is someone using hacks/abusing/insult…then if i saw him i will punish him/her…and always be active with my duty…i wish i will got rank of police comishnor

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accepted as trainee, meet Priyanshu_Aggarwal in-game to become a LSPD cop as trainee as your progress will be better you will be promoted to higher ranks