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Police Chief & Govt. of IORP

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  • Word limit not reached.

  • Levek requirement not reached.

  • You are not allowed to apply again for 1week from now.

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accepted as trainee, meet Priyanshu_Aggarwal in-game to become a LSPD cop as trainee as your progress will be better you will be promoted to higher ranks

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+1 i loved this

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  • Player name: Ninja_Sujit

  • Rule’s broken: DMing

  • Time and Date: around 12:16 PM, On 7/11/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY)

  • Description: first of all started Dm for No reason. then in chat told will kill everyone but were ignored, then he started killing and get jailed and those peoples who were in jail he started to kill them all without a single reason. also get reported to admins by many players.

  • Actions Taken by ig-Admin:

  1. Freezed + warned,
  2. Kicked from server with reason: Go and learn rp rules first.
  • Evidence: here a screenshot of getting killed by him. also kill logs you can see.


  • Edit: in chatlog you can see he joined again, its because he was freezed so get rid from that he did relog and again started killing
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+1 such a nice suggestion

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The San Andreas Medical Department (SAMD) appears to be a public medical service which only respond within San Andreas’ major cities; Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro, and will not respond to emergencies in far outskirts. such as Sea

Their logo is seen on the side of Ambulances and is depicted as a traditional “Plus of Life

paramedics will reach you in an Ambulance in emergency situations. When arriving at the scene of a casualty, the driver and other paramedics will get out and attempt to revive injured civilians.

San Andreas Medical Department paramedics will almost always successfully revive injured Civilians if they are on time; only decapitated pedestrians cannot be saved.

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  • Already a respected officer in SAGD
  • Haven’t met requirements (60 score)
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Unban Request Format

  • Character Name:____

  • Player Level?:____

  • Date of Ban?:____

  • Reason why you was banned?:____

  • Why we should Unban you?:____

NOTE: if we find that you again broke a rule then that will be a Permanent Ban, also you are not allowed to ask any of community staff member to have a look on your apply or ask them to unban you.