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  • Name: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

  • Suggestion: ___
    Add a global msg for players when someone sign-in to faction, like:
    When someone sign-in a message will be sent to global like:
    {Character-Name} Has Signed-in As {rank in faction} in {Faction name}

  • Note:
    This must be a coloured text like, like if i am in faction its colour is Light Green so it will like:
    Priyanshu_Aggarwal Has Singed-in as Chief Of Police in SAPD( or San Andreas Police Department)

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Add a note on registration that,

Players in-game password will be same as they used the password on iorp.in to register if they use other password then i will show incorrect bcoz iorp registration change password which used to register…

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the format for the forgotten password should be easy

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IORP Dharamshala

  • Name: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

  • Suggestion: As we can see that not every player able to purchase a house to complete their sleep. so, i wanna suggest wanna create a Dharamshala in which players can complete their sleep

  • Note:
    1)Dharamshala Must be in all three cities
    2)Players required adhaar card to get entry in Dharamshala
    3)Players Can sleep 24hr/day (as our sleep time)

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Yea he is right

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Court Actions on Criminal

  1. Manage Jail Time
  2. Restrict play in a city
  3. Character Kill - mark to death

Court Actions on Property

  1. Transfer of property
  2. Cease property by government
  3. Make for resale

Court Actions on Car Case

  1. Transfer of ownership
  2. Cease car by government
  3. Mark to death
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stores must have different map-icon for each type, and why not we can sit around SA anywhere to read the books [for book store] after picking up from house

Music dvd Music should be usable for music player also which can be purchased by Electronic shop

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Ohh thats why I didn’t seen you for long time, btw HAPPY DIWALI

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ahhh Harry pls do somthing of my house
i need to go for Sleep IG but cant enter in my house bcoz its locked
what can i do, plss help me by setting my house to non-locked