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@Jimmy_Parker So only there is forum. He can use it for such things.

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  • What’s your current in-game name ? : Nivas_Kumar

  • How much leave, do you required ? : From 25th February 2021 to 18 october 2022 (It may change)

  • Describe your reason for taking leave ? : As my exams for this year are gonna start soon and i am going to enter into my new classes in the month of April, so i need this long term leave from my Helper post and if i have any changes in it i will inform it to the Community Staffs. I will be on discord and manage my fraction’s posts in forum. I hope you have understood my situation.

  • You have to come back and report to community staff, when your leave is finish, do you understand ? : Yes, I have understood.

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February 21 , 2021

We welcomed a new joinee named @Mohamed_Shafiq and the manager gave him his training to get started in IOPL . We all worked as a team to extract oil and stored it in the tanks - Nivas_Kumar

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  • Meet Nivas_Kumar In - Game to claim your status .
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February 20 , 2021

We have filled East LS fuel station in LS and extracted some oil and stored it in the tanks. @Deepak_Poojary helped as in repairing the tanks and machines - Nivas_Kumar

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Name : Nivas_Kumar
Contact : nev_cj#2103

Need Workers for IOPL

  • We need active workers who can do hard work for the faction.

  • We require workers who are good in English and their native language.

  • You must be on discord and available when we need you.

  • We too required workers for SATD.

Salary/Wage Details

  • Your salary will be 600/hr + order as your a new joinee. It will be increased when you receive promotions.

Details of IOPL

How to apply for IOPL ?

Click on it,

Join us to serve fuel for the whole city .

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February 19 , 2021

We have a order from @Arvind_Kali to fill idealwood station and our new trainee @Karthikeya_Prabu has fullfilled his order through the help of @Mohamed_Shafiq, who is too a new joinee in SATD. We are too planning to join new stater persons in IOPL to fill their basic need and other things too - Nivas_Kumar

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February 18 , 2021

As we have no orders, the manager roamed around the city and explored the new places in the city to get new ideas for IOPL and for joining new member in IOPL to extract fuel more faster - Nivas_Kumar

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Name : Nivas_Kumar

Suggestion :

  • While there is no money in hand, the money goes in minus ( - ) like if we rent a vehicle or in anyother way . It is not good as it is a RP server .

  • As IORP already have refilling feature in fuel stations, you could bring a new feature to take back the fuel from the pump . It could help when the trucker made a mistake or the owner changes his mind after it and in anyother situations .

Note : It could be helpful for the players

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February 17 , 2021

We have filled LS airport station and maintained some tanks and machines . The new joinee is working good and the manger likes to hold him in IOPL due to his work for IOPL - Nivas_Kumar