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September 22, 2018

Renovation of the Headquarters of Presidential departments today finished and everything is revamped good. also a meeting between army personnel and attorney general was conducted in the evening to talk over the joint arms practice session dates that will be held with 5 countries taking part in it.

Before the meeting , a conference was conducted between authorities of San Andreas and other countries, this looks like a huge step in advancement of international affairs of San Andreas.

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September 14, 2018

All the mess is now in control and everything is on good terms with The Grove Street Family. Presidential Department sent San Andreas Armed Forces to stop the blood bath that took place in our alleys , times are not very good for us as we lost a few of our dearest friends, even a few weeks earlier it came to us as a surprise when our dealer was attacked in San Fierro, and then after the conflict kept on heating up.
A glad moment it is to finally come at peace.

guilty will not be easily forgiven, the one who gave us such a bad time - The Don

Decisions has to be taken wisely - The Overlord