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He death matched me for no reason.I was asking Rishi to pay me 6000 as he hit me and I got a digestive disorder,while Amit deathmatched me.Plz give them punishment.They are over using their CF powers.Take them out from that.

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Name - Adit_Singh
Complaint: When I started Robbery,he was standing nearby me and shot me when I went out of the shop.He said’You can rob and I will not do anything’.I said ‘According to rules you should be at least 300 m away before robbery’.But he told the same thing another time.Plz take action.Also one time he cuffed me,I asked the reason he said ‘You crossed pd ,so I am cuffing you’.
EVIDENCE:IMG-20210106-WA0045.jpg IMG-20210106-WA0044.jpg IMG-20210106-WA0043.jpg