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  1. how the civilian will pickup
    There should be a option in /p quick player option
    Carry. By this the civilian can carry the injured person to the hospital .
  2. where the injured player will be dropped
    There should be a checkpoint in hospital where we can check in and get cured .
  3. what if none came?
    There should be a respawn option available after 200 second of getting killed so if none came he can press that and get respawned in the hospital but if the person pressed respawn then he should have to follow the nee life rule he will not remember anything about what happened with him for 30mins and after he can take revenge
  4. what will happen when the civilian will drop you on checkpoint.when the civilian will drop u at the checkpoint then there should pe option to check in in the hospital and then the player will be tp to the hospital bed and get cured
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There should be a mask system like if we use /mask our name is hidden and no crime should be reported the time of robbery until we are caught by officer after chase.In existing system there is no use of chase if escape also it doesn’t matter at all we have to go to jail that,s not the rp .pls consider my request
Note. If this cannot be implemented then pls change the crime reporting system if we started a rob the crime shouldn’t be auto reported if the police arrived then he should report if he see,s us