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Today I got promoted to a mechanic from a Trainee, and I am so happy about it, I repaired two cars today and hope they are statisfied with my service.

with regards

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Name: Anniyan_Gupta
Suggestion: I suggest you add some kind of drink (like tea or coffee) that might improve our sleep motive to some extent (but not entirely) so that we need not have to wait for the character to sleep when its some kind of emergency.

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Name: Anniyan_Gupta
Suggestion: its not possible for players with score less than 50 to take a bath, pee and sleep as they don’t have the permission to buy a house without a score of 50 (also not possible to earn so much money), it is very difficult to look for kind hearted people who are ready to give their house keys to random people (though I found such a guy), so if houses are available to rent for such players then they could also sleep and do other stuff. Thanks

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@Deepak_Poojary it would ask for a verification by phone in order to send messages in the server i know that we can have discord in PC as well so i cant verify in the server unless i get my phone repaired

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my discord name: mr.weirdo#1188
the problem is i dont have the phone to verify it by phone, its broken:(
so i cant type in the server

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I have joined the server already

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Name: Anniyan_Gupta
Suggestion: i would suggest you to add some tutorial when we join as a worker in any faction for a first time because i joined the department of mechanics today but didn’t know about the required commands all i knew about was how to operate a tow truck, i am sad that i couldn’t help out a guy who wanted to repair his bike. if possible some one please tell me about the commands. Thanks

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Sorry for the inconvenience, delete either of my posts, i am not able to delete it it says i am not authorized to do so, Sorry again

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In-Game Name: Anniyan_Gupta

In-Game Level : 12

Roleplay Score :10

Why you want to join? (30 words minimum):I wanna join because i don’t have any other job to do you know its very difficult to drive a trashmaster around and i wanna help other people whose vehicles go out of service i myself have once walked all the way from dillimore to canton as my vehicle went out of service.

Biography (30 words minimum):I am Anniyan_Gupta born on 11th sptember, aged 22, i am aspiring to become a police officer but do not meet the requirements for it so temporarily joining the department of mechanics.

Your discord profile?(with #): mr.weirdo#1188