Ezio_Auditore's Application to create a new Faction

Name: Ezio_Auditore

Application: As we all know there is a Faction named ‘‘Crenshaw Mafia Bloods’’’ in Indian Ocean Roleplay (0.3.7) I am suggesting to add a Faction named ‘‘Compton Mafia Crips’’ (taken from Sarah’s Suggestion). Compton Mafia Crips are the Sworn Enemies of Bloods So it will be fun to add this faction. The information is for ‘‘Compton Mafia Crips’’ is below

Color of the gang: #0f084c (Prussian Blue)
Skin Ids: 48 66 195 308 184
Vehicles: Oceanic, Tampa, Windsor, Washington

Application Already Reviewed

Note: sarah’s suggestion for new faction is already reviewed by Indian Ocean Roleplay Team, soon we will announce the new mafia faction. your application review will be considered while implementing new faction.

Thank you for playing with Indian Ocean Roleplay.

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