Sarah's Suggestion to Block Non-Rp names

Name: Sarah_Rose
Suggestion: I Suggest The Kind Owner of this server to block non Roleplay names from In-Game. It will make our server much and much better.
Note: Exaple: MJ04… its very awkward name… no mom ever will name her son MJ04. Like ZOMBIE. no mom will name her son ZOMBIE

Suggestion Implemented on Server

Its a Medium Roleplay Server So Some Non Rp names are not allowed
get some sturdier names like Altair_Ahad Ezio_Auditore Connor_Kenway Edward_Kenway Shay_Cormac Arno_Dorian Jacob_Frye

u fucking serious ? man its a game we can keep any name we want.

Thank you Sarah for your valuable feedback on our server. Indian Ocean Roleplay already know that rule and we will execute that rule rule in Indian Ocean Roleplay servers. but because of IORP servers are in under development, we are not forcing players to follow the rules.

as soon as server is fully operational all the rules will be required to follow in order to join a faction.

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