Buggs's Application for DJ

Name: Buggs
Date of birth: 17/10/2000
Sex/Gender: Male [M]
Age: 18
In-Game Score: 1
Played SAMP since: 2016
Have you been arrested?[if so why]: Never
What kind of post you would like to be in IORP?: IORP DJ
What makes you think you will be able to get the role? (Not more than 150 words): [Off topic]I have been DJ 2 times in previous servers in SAMP and i was keen to be good at it. Sure i might not be the best world class DJ out there but i will strictly obey the rules and give entertainment to the people in this case it will be “Music”.
Describe what you will do when you get the required role? (Not more than 150 words): Its simple i know all the commands for playing music,remixes,etc. Since i have a very good experience with the role for the past years i will be able to play all the required songs that people like and i will play it without hate or angery towards the people who choose it and i will offer the latest songs or Remixes if no one requests any song.
Biography(Not more than 150 words):I Buggs was born in San Ferrio in 17/10/2000. My family consisted of Me,My Brother,Mother and Father. We were not living in a very heathy stage as my father was working in the navy. I lost my father at the age of 12 when some pirates tried to takeover a ship. My father was a bold man and died with pride as he killed 6/13 pirates with M4 and a Shotgun of 12-Rounds. it was horrible my mother died at my age of 16 with Cancer. My brother was in New York as a accountant and we constantly chat on whatsapp.
I was found of music since my very early stage at the age of 6.I always wanted to be the best DJ on the planet. At the age of 15 i remixed some popular songs and posted it on Youtube and i got Thousands of Views and at this point i was keep making remixes and people loved my work. Im not going to say my complete history but at the age of 17 i was in the Top 30 best DJ or Remix artist on the billboard it was 26th positon to be exact and i was keeping with my job ever since.People appriciates my work and true there were haters on the internet but i ignored those people and kept on creating my priceless arts… Now im presntly moved to Los Santos and trying to gain attention by music here after…