Suggestion for IORP

Name: Harshad_Mehta

Suggestion: in a rp rule we can’t say anyone by his name until he tell his name. when someone new comes to me who don’t even know me and say hi Harshad that’s not a good rp

Note: Add a rule which we can not say anyone by there names. If someone tell me. my name is Jimesh then I can call him as a Jimesh

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In samp, it does not matter what server shows us. It’s just you, who can create a good rp. In your case, if someone calling you by name then he just not doing a good rp that’s all. you should just ask the other player in ooc that he is doing wrong. if he did not understand then he is not good at rp.

This is already bounded by roleplay rules. where roleplay rules state that You can not use ooc informations in roleplay.